80 Years Of Signing-In At The Cold Palace, I Am Unrivalled

Chapter 7
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Chapter 7: Dachun’s News

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Jiufeng’s sword cut across the numerous yards.

Like the first ray of light cutting through the darkness at dawn, it lit up the cold palace.

The two Golden Core Realm cultivators from the Chasing Corpse Sect were both a little stronger in cultivation realm than Lin Jiufeng, but they were still not a match for his sword.

Sword Twenty-Two was not a mortal sword technique, it involved the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth.

Especially the last move, similarly named Sword Twenty-Two…

It was powerful enough to kill people thousands of miles away without being seen. 𝘧𝐫𝑒𝗲𝑤ℯ𝚋𝐧૦𝘃𝒆l. c𝚘𝓂

The two were decapitated by the stroke.

Blood flowed everywhere and they fell to the ground, dead.

They died without even knowing who it was that attacked them.

Lin Jiufeng also arrived. He looked at the two bodies, paying special attention to certain places that were specially marked, lost in thought.

Were the ancestors of the Chasing Corpse Sect buried deep underground here?

“According to them, the sect master of the Chasing Corpse Sect will only reappear in ten years after a break through. Does that mean that I can dig out the ancestor of the Chasing Corpse Sect right now without repercussions?” Lin Jiufeng had a sudden curious thought.

[Do you want to Sign-In before the thousand-year-old underground corpse?]

Suddenly, a line of words appeared in front of Lin Jiufeng’s eyes, stunning him.

“There is a thousand-year-old corpse buried deep underground?” Lin Jiufeng’s heart pounded.

But his mouth did not remain idle.

“Sign in!” Lin Jiufeng said.

[Sign-In successful. Received Netherworld Corpse Control Technique!]

Then, a massive amount of memories was transmitted into Lin Jiufeng’s mind.

He instantly comprehended every secret of the technique.

With the technique, one would be able to control corpses and nurture a brand-new soul in the corpse.

It would then awaken and follow the orders of the one who used the technique on the corpse.

This was a very powerful technique, considering the fact that it was able to nurture a brand-new soul within a corpse and inherit everything from the corpse.

After Lin Jiufeng confirmed his understanding of the technique, he acted decisively and started digging. Supported by his Golden Core cultivation base, he quickly dug down tens of meters underneath and soon saw a coffin.

It was a copper coffin covered with various corpse-refining array drawings for the purpose of refining this thousand-year-old corpse.

But the thousand-year-old corpse was in the Cold Palace. It could not get any nourishment from the blood of the living.

The Chasing Corpse Sect did not dare to approach this area after the Yuhua God Dynasty built their imperial capital here as they were afraid of alerting the Dynasty to their existence.

For the past century, the corpse in the copper coffin had been in a state of deep sleep.

It had never gone out of its sleeping place. However, it was slowly becoming stronger.

Lin Jiufeng brought the copper coffin out, filled the pit, and returned to his yard.

In the courtyard, the copper coffin sat quietly.

Moonlight shone on it and its surface glowed with a metallic luster.

He opened the copper coffin and saw a middle-aged man lying in it.

His face was pale, with no trace of blood beneath his skin.

He laid there, quietly.

Lin Jiufeng used the Netherworld Corpse Controlling Technique and began to infuse his energy into the body.

“Incubate slowly, create a new soul in this corpse, and control it. This way, my hard work will not be wasted,” Lin Jiufeng said as he looked at the copper coffin. He had been busy all night with the endeavor, but fortunately, he had the dust-free suit with him.

Otherwise, he would’ve been covered with filth all over his body.

Lin Jiufeng covered the copper coffin and placed it in a corner of the room.

He observed slowly, and curiously for the born of the new soul from within.

Then, he continued to sign in and cultivate daily, while ignoring external affairs.

In a flash, another three months passed.

In these three months, his brother, the Sixth Prince, never once returned. He must be very busy.

Lin Jiufeng heard about that from Dachun.

Dachun still came every seven days to deliver food and chat with Lin Jiufeng.

Most of the time, Dachun talked and Lin Jiufeng listened.

Dachun would tell Lin Jiufeng of the interesting things that happened in the imperial capital.

And Lin Jiufeng would listen to everything Dachun said.

He would sometimes give a simple reply as he ate.

Afterwards, he would always return to his cultivation.

After three months, his cultivation rose once again.

From the Inner Core level of the Golden Core realm, he advanced to the True Core level.

He was also just one step away from the next level of the Golden Core Realm.

Lin Jiufeng was also finally able to see some changes on the corpse of the ancestor of the Chasing Corpse Sect that he had been reanimating using the Netherworld Corpse Controlling Technique in the past three months.

His face was no longer pale like a dead man.

There were signs of blood flowing within and his complexion had turned rosy.

His stiff joints had become supple, and more importantly, a terrifying power could be felt within his body.

The Netherworld Corpse Controlling technique was evidently working.

Lin Jiufeng would take a look at him every few days, and then he spent the rest of the time working hard on cultivating.

Another week passed and Dachun arrived once more.

He brought wine and food as always, and they were as delicious as ever.

Of course, he chatted with Lin Jiufeng.

On the other side of the main doors of the cold palace, Dachun leaned against the wall and talked.

On the opposite side of the wall, Lin Jiufeng picked up the wine glass, took a sip of wine and a bite of food as he enjoyed the meal.

Then, he listened to Dachun talk about various things.

There were important matters and small matters, trivial issues, and personal stories.

Dachun liked to talk and Lin Jiufeng was willing to listen, so they formed a harmonious pair.

“Your Highness, I may be a little busy lately. If I can’t come next time, I will ask a friend to deliver your food. When I’m finished with what I have to do, I will send wine and food to Your Highness again,” Dachun said with an honest smile.

Lin Jiufeng was taken aback, and asked, “Are you not just a small soldier in the Uniformed Royal Guard? Why are you so busy?”

This was the imperial capital, the Uniformed Royal Guards shouldn’t be too busy.

“Recently, many masters of cultivation have come to the imperial capital. There are daoist cultivators, demonic cultivators, buddhist cultivators and even masters from overseas…”

“His Royal Highness, the Sixth Prince, has taken over the Uniformed Royal Guards, mobilizing us, and greatly increasing the capital’s defense measures.”

“We have to keep the public order of the imperial capital, and catch the wicked people who have no qualms about doing evil,” Dachun explained.

Lin Jiufeng frowned.

He immediately remembered what those two people had said from three months ago.

A senior from a demonic sect was going to assassinate the current emperor—Lin Jiufeng’s father.

Although Lin Jiufeng knew about it, he didn’t take any other actions.

He was only in the Golden Core Realm and couldn’t possibly meddle in such things.

Thus, he didn’t care and simply continued signing in peacefully.

Three months had passed since then and everything remained peaceful.

Lin Jiufeng hadn’t heard that His Majesty was assassinated.

As a result, Lin Jiufeng thought that the matter was simply fake.

But hearing Dachun’s words, he suddenly remembered the words of those two people.

“Dachun, be careful when you are on duty outside. Don’t try too hard. Your cultivation level is not high, don’t get involved in a conflict with those in the cultivation world,” Lin Jiufeng said solemnly.

Dachun had constantly brought him food for more than three years and chatted with him for the same amount of time. Lin Jiufeng didn’t want anything bad to happen to him.

According to Dachun, it wasn’t only the people from the various demonic sects that were here.

Those that hailed from the various daoist, and buddhist sects were also here.

On top of that, a lot of overseas cultivators were also present.

The presence of these people made things more complicated.

It was best if Dachun didn’t get involved.

“Thank you, Your Highness, for your concern. However, I’m just guarding the palace and will definitely not encounter trouble. This is the safest place in the imperial capital.”

“I’m just afraid that I will not be able to deliver food when it’s time to because I might be on duty, so I’m telling you in advance.” Dachun smiled.

Lin Jiufeng thought for a while. Then, with a flick of his finger, a sliver of sword energy pierced Dachun’s body through the wall.

Dachun didn’t notice it.

The sword energy would not cause him any harm, but it would let Lin Jiufeng know when Dachun’s life was in danger.

‘We have known each other for three years. No matter what, I don’t want you to be in danger. I will definitely protect you.’

Lin Jiufeng liked Dachun’s honest and serious attitude.

It was just a simple order from the deputy commander of the Uniformed Royal Guards.

Yet, he had diligently sent good food to Lin Jiufeng, who had already been banished to the Cold Palace. This delivery stint lasted three years and he had neither missed a delivery nor thought of receiving a reward.

In everyone’s opinion, what could a prince who has been banished into the Cold Palace do and hope for?

However, Lin Jiufeng only cared about two people in the entire Yuhua God Dynasty.

Dachun and the Sixth Prince.

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