80 Years Of Signing-In At The Cold Palace, I Am Unrivalled

Chapter 452 - Entering the Death Realm (Part 1)
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Chapter 452 Entering the Death Realm (Part 1)

Lin Jiufeng drove the Eternal Dragon Boat and roamed through the entire mortal realm. He brought the cultivators and ordinary people of the mortal realm with him, wanting to enter the Death Realm together.

He didn’t expect to encounter his former friend in the end.

Miss Hong The current Miss Hong still looked elegant and graceful. Time didn’t leave any traces on her body. Moreover, her cultivation base had also touched the threshold of the Immortal King Realm.

The Eternal Dragon Boat floated in the sky. It was huge and had a magnificent aura.

Lin Jiufeng stood on the dragon boat and looked at the red-robed woman on the distant mountaintop. A smile appeared on his face.

After experiencing the war, Lin Jiufeng was surprised that he could still encounter his former good friend.

He flew down from the Eternal Dragon Boat and came in front of Miss Hong.

“Long time no see!” Lin Jiufeng looked at Miss Hong and said with emotion.

Seeing each other again, Miss Hong didn’t know what to say. Previously, when Lin Jiufeng started killing the Seven Races in the mortal realm, Miss Hong had already noticed it. Her gaze followed Lin Jiufeng as he killed the enemies and moved with him. Her gaze had never left Lin Jiufeng.

Thousands of words stuck in her heart.

It transformed into: “Long time no see.”

Seeing that Miss Hong was alone, Lin Jiufeng asked curiously, “Where’s your Grandmaster, Elder Universe?”

Back then, Elder Universe had returned to the mortal realm. After that, he left with Miss Hong and disappeared.

Standing on the mountain peak, a breeze blew past them. Looking down at the devastated land of the war, Miss Hong and Lin Jiufeng stood side by side. She said softly, “After Grandmaster imparted all the cultivation techniques of the Heavenly Dao Sect to me, he left. I don’t know where he went either. Everyone took action in this mortal realm catastrophe, but I didn’t see any traces of Grandmaster.”

“There’s no need to worry. Elder Universe is still alive after experiencing so many trials and tribulations. Nothing will happen to him. He definitely has his own goal in mind.” Lin Jiufeng comforted Miss Hong.

Miss Hong nodded and didn’t speak anymore.

Lin Jiufeng looked at her beautiful side profile. There were thousands of words in his heart, but they were all inappropriate.

In the end, he said to Miss Hong, “The mortal realm can no longer continue to exist. If the army of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age comes again, no one will be able to withstand it. Come to the Death Realm with me.”

Miss Hong nodded. “I also want to enter the Death Realm and cultivate seriously. I hope to break through to the Immortal King Realm as soon as possible and even the Immortal Emperor Realm to do my best for this mortal realm.”

Seeing that Miss Hong had agreed, Lin Jiufeng was relieved. The Seven Races of the Ancient Age would invade at any time. Now wasn’t the time to be sentimental.

He directly brought Miss Hong into the Eternal Dragon Boat. Then, he drove the Eternal Dragon Boat forward with great magic power.

Previously, when Lin Jiufeng entered the Death Realm again, he signed in for two strands of the Undying Substance.

After causing a scene in the Spell Realm with the Space Slashing Sword, the Primal Chaos War Spear, and the Black Tortoise, they used a wisp of the Undying Substance to escape to the Death Realm.

At this moment, he still had a wisp of the Undying Substance left.

Now was the time to activate it and open the door to the Death Realm, allowing the Eternal Dragon Boat to bring the powerhouses of the mortal realm into the Death Realm.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the sky of the mortal realm, a huge door slowly appeared. The depths of this door were filled with the aura of death.

An ancient well could vaguely be seen standing there. Beside the ancient well was a bone crocodile that was sleeping soundly.

Crocodile Ancestor.

In the Death Realm, beside the Well of Heaven Ascension, Crocodile Ancestor was sleeping soundly. ‘There seems to be another war in the mortal realm. This era is about to be destroyed. That damn Immortal Emperor Lin is finally going to be buried with this era. That’s retribution for bullying me. It’s safer in the Death Realm. No matter how much the outside world fights, they won’t be able to reach me.’ The crocodile ancestor thought beautifully.

But at this moment, a huge black hole suddenly appeared beside the Well of Heaven Ascension. It woke the crocodile ancestor up, and it watched with wide eyes.

“No way, you’re doing it again?” The crocodile ancestor’s soul fire was trembling. It thought of something bad.

The person he didn’t want to see seemed to have returned again.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

This time, it wasn’t just Lin Jiufeng who came in. He drove the Eternal Dragon Boat to the Death Realm and tore through the sky. The Eternal Dragon Boat entered the door of the Death Realm and then came to the Death Realm.



“Are you kidding me? Not only did you not come alone, but you also brought so many people with you?” The crocodile ancestor complained in its heart, very dissatisfied.

But in the very next moment, when Lin Jiufeng looked at him, the crocodile ancestor immediately squeezed out a smile and said, “Welcome to the Death Realm, Immortal Emperor Lin. Your presence really graces the Death Realm.”

Lin Jiufeng smiled slightly. He stood on the Eternal Dragon Boat and said to the crocodile ancestor, “The situation in the mortal realm is already irreversible. At the end of this era, I will spread the hope of the mortal realm to the Death Realm. Continue to guard the Well of Heaven Ascension and don’t let anyone pass through here.”

When the crocodile ancestor heard this, its heart instantly relaxed. It was fine as long as they didn’t disturb it.

“Immortal Emperor Lin, do whatever you want. In any case, the Death Realm is very empty. With more people, it will be more prosperous.” The crocodile ancestor carefully squeezed out a smile and said words that went against its conscience.

It was really afraid of Lin Jiufeng.

Lin Jiufeng didn’t say much to the crocodile ancestor. The Death Realm didn’t belong to the crocodile ancestor either. It was just guarding the Well of Heaven Ascension.

Driving the Eternal Dragon Boat, Lin Jiufeng directly passed through the huge wasteland and saw the huge Yin River. The surging river water let out a furious roar. The water in the river seemed to weigh 10,000 kilograms. Once touched by the water, one wouldn’t be able to fly.

The water of the Yin River was yellow and suffused with dense death energy. The death energy was richer than anywhere else. The surging river water was mixed with death energy. It was vast, earth-shattering, and filled with a baleful aura. This was the most famous symbol of the Death Realm.

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