80 Years Of Signing-In At The Cold Palace, I Am Unrivalled

Chapter 451 - The Eternal Dragon Boat
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Chapter 451 The Eternal Dragon Boat

Lin Jiufeng stared fixedly at Emperor Yuan. He had a bad feeling in his heart.

Emperor Yuan smiled and looked at Lin Jiufeng elegantly. He said, “The top powerhouse of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age, Situ Lanqi, has already been killed by me. My mission has basically been completed. I brought a trace of hope to this mortal realm. Although it can’t avoid being destroyed in the end, I’ve tried my best.”

Lin Jiufeng’s heart sank infinitely.

He looked at Emperor Yuan, not knowing what to say.

The meeting between the brothers was brief. After this meeting, they would be parted forever.

“How much time do you have?” Lin Jiufeng suppressed the sadness in his heart and asked.

“Three minutes.” Emperor Yuan looked up at the sky and said in a carefree attitude.

“Only three minutes?” Lin Jiufeng murmured.

“Three minutes is enough.” Emperor Yuan smiled and patted Lin Jiufeng’s shoulder.

“In my memory, a senior once spoke to a mayfly.”

“He asked the mayfly: do you have any regrets in having only a short period of life?”

“Mayfly: I was born at dawn, looking at the sun. I die in the dark night, accompanied by starlight. I have no regrets.”

“Brother, I have no regrets either.”

Emperor Yuan said firmly.

His expression was very firm. Even if he had to sacrifice everything for this short return.

“Who resurrected you? Who chose you to become the host body of the remnant souls of the past seniors?” Lin Jiufeng asked. He really wanted to figure out the many secrets hidden behind this world. Even though he was already invincible in the Immortal Emperor Realm, he still knew very little.

“I don’t know who captured me, nor do I know who chose me, but it doesn’t matter. The moment I was resurrected, I knew my mission,” Emperor Yuan said.

“Big Brother, everyone has a mission. I’m originally an ordinary emperor of the mortal realm. I’ve never done anything earth-shattering in my life. I’m very satisfied that I was chosen after I died and can even contribute a little to the Human Race and this world.”

“Even if I have to constantly suffer the pain of fusing with the remnant souls of the past sages for more than a hundred years, just for the glory of this battle, I also have no regrets.”

Emperor Yuan’s eyes were resplendent, filled with the flames of faith.

“What else do you know? You can tell me. I will protect this world for you,” Lin Jiufeng said solemnly.

“Big Brother, I really don’t know much. I only know that I must stall the Seven Races of the Ancient Age from destroying the mortal realm this time. I also know that regardless of whether it’s the Seven Races of the Ancient Age or the hidden powerhouses of the mortal realm, they don’t want to drag this battle to the next era. Therefore, there are countless backup plans waiting for the Seven Races of the Ancient Age. I’m just a pawn. But even so, a pawn also has it uses. My role has already been completed, so I don’t have any regrets,” Emperor Yuan said. Lin Jiufeng took a deep breath and stopped talking.

Emperor Yuan looked at Lin Jiufeng and suddenly hugged him.

“Big Brother, actually along the way, we have long known that the countless eras of the past didn’t begin with flowers and applause.”

“In fact, there has never been an era with only flowers and applause.”

“Seek warmth in the cold night and bloom in suffering. This is the difficult path to grow in the mortal realm.” “When the storm came, we thought that the world was about to collapse. In the fog that filled the sky, we felt that we had already fallen off the cliff.”



“But when lightning cuts through the sky and thunder reverberates in the surroundings, we will look up and open our eyes. We will be surprised to discover that the black clouds are dissipating.” “A flat path cannot lead to a great victory. The Seven Races of the Ancient Age are huge mountains that suppress the hearts of every era. It’s very difficult to move the Seven Races of the Ancient Age away and dig them out.”

“But it’s exactly because of this that it’s exciting and interesting.” “So don’t be afraid and don’t be sad. I’m just like the millions of people in the mortal realm who are going first. Big Brother, you are a peerless genius, the hope of this era. You are more important than me.”

Emperor Yuan hugged Lin Jiufeng and said these words in his ear.

Then, he released Lin Jiufeng.

“I don’t have much time left. At the last moment, I have to do something for the mortal realm,” Emperor Yuan looked up at the starry sky and said.

“What are you going to do?” Lin Jiufeng looked at Emperor Yuan with a complicated expression.

“The mortal realm only temporarily blocked the attack of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age, but after I leave, the mortal realm couldn’t resist the counterattack of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age at all. Therefore, I have to save some seeds for this mortal realm and let them be sent out so that they won’t be destroyed along with this world,” Emperor Yuan said.

“So, in the end, we still didn’t manage to protect this mortal realm?” Lin Jiufeng said sadly. “Save the last fire seed and leave this mortal realm to the Seven Races of the Ancient Age. They will definitely give birth to a new race. The mortal realm won’t be destroyed. The true battlefield is about to be opened. I don’t have much time left, I have to hurry. Big Brother, wait for me to summon the Eternal Dragon Boat. You can escape with the geniuses that carry the hope of the mortal realm,” Emperor Yuan said leisurely.

“The Eternal Dragon Boat?” Lin Jiufeng was stunned. This name was very familiar. He recalled that there was a figure of the Eternal Dragon Boat in the war between the Immortal Court and the God Race.

This was the supreme treasure of the Immortal Court.

Why was it with Emperor Yuan?

Lin Jiufeng watched, puzzled.

“The Eternal Dragon Boat isn’t the supreme treasure of the Immortal Court. Its ownership has never been with the Immortal Court. It was only controlled by the Immortal Court for a period of time. After the war between the Immortal Court and the God Race, the Eternal Dragon Boat entered a hidden state and hasn’t been awakened until now,” Emperor Yuan explained.

“I see.” Lin Jiufeng understood.

“There are many powerhouses hidden behind this world. The Eternal Dragon Boat was crafted by a Human Realm powerhouse, right?”. Lin Jiufeng asked.

“The Eternal Dragon Boat is a magic treasure forged from the dragon bones of a deceased Ancestral Dragon. It can travel through space to avoid the pursuit of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age.” Emperor Yuan nodded.

“In the end, what I can do for the mortal realm is to preserve as many fire seeds as possible and keep the fire of hope alive. Big Brother, farewell forever.” As Emperor Yuan’s words fell, his body floated in the air and he arrived in the sky. He used the last of his energy to tear open space and summoned the Eternal Dragon Boat that could only hear and not be seen.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Eternal Dragon Boat flickered with a yellow light. It was extremely huge, like a floating island.

It appeared in the sky above the mortal realm with a rumbling sound.

This behemoth was made from the entire body of an Ancestral Dragon from the Dragon Race. In addition, it was refined with the full strength of the top powerhouses of the ancient era. It was even made by fusing countless precious materials into it.

Wu Wu Wu...

The Eternal Dragon Boat descended into the mortal realm. Its sound shook the sky, and it could cut through the sky in an instant.

Finally, the Eternal Dragon Boat descended in front of Lin Jiufeng.

Emperor Yuan disappeared. Only his voice reverberated in Lin Jiufeng’s ears.

“Big Brother, control the Eternal Dragon Boat and go look for Sister-in-law.”

Lin Jiufeng frowned. Had Emperor Yuan seen Bai Mao’er before?

He had always wanted to find traces of the little white cat. He had even gone to the Fourth World, but he found nothing. At the end, when the final battle of the mortal realm arrived, he had no choice but to come back and participate in the battle.

The whereabouts of Bai Mao’er were still unknown.

From Emperor Yuan’s words, it seemed that he had seen Bai Mao’er before, but it was a pity that Emperor Yuan had already completely disappeared from this world. Emperor Yuan would no longer exist in the future.

Lin Jiufeng looked at the Eternal Dragon Boat that stopped in front of him. His heart was especially heavy.

They won this battle, but they still had to escape. Because the strength of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age was too powerful. Moreover, the battle between Turtle Armor and Emperor Ming hadn’t ended yet. They only separated the King Lords of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age from the mortal realm.

Hence, time was pressing. Lin Jiufeng had to hurry.

Lin Jiufeng flew onto the Eternal Dragon Boat and stepped on it.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the very next moment, the terrifying energy in the Eternal Dragon Boat rushed into Lin Jiufeng’s body. It was unruly and transformed into the roar of a True Dragon.

But Lin Jiufeng wasn’t afraid. A huge amount of mental energy and the countless array formations formed by the crystal divine kingdoms in his body suppressed down. In an instant, he gained control of the Eternal Dragon Boat.

In the very next moment, Lin Jiufeng could mobilize the Eternal Dragon Boat like waving his arm.

Of course, this was all thanks to Emperor Yuan.

He summoned the Eternal Dragon Boat and also wiped out the soul mark that belonged to someone else. He left behind a pure magic treasure and easily let Lin Jiufeng control this dragon boat.

On the Eternal Dragon Boat, Lin Jiufeng looked at the Spell Realm.

Sure enough, the energy in the Spell Realm was surging and very terrifying. It seemed that the Seven Races of the Ancient Age had really gone all out.

“There’s not much time left.” Lin Jiufeng muttered to himself. He felt the huge pressure from the Seven Races of the Ancient Age. In that battle just now, there were three King Lords in the mortal realm, but they weren’t able to withstand the pressure. If it weren’t for Emperor Yuan risking his life to pull Situ Lanqi along to death, if it weren’t for the abnormality, Lin Jiufeng, the mortal realm would have been wiped out already.

And at this moment, under the situation of sensing the death of a King Lord, the Seven Races of the Ancient Age all came out in full strength. Some terrifying existences that had sealed themselves were also tempted to make a move. Their seals were flickering.

Lin Jiufeng looked at the heavily injured mortal realm and knew that he couldn’t continue fighting

Even if they killed the people attacked by the Seven Races of the Ancient Age once again, there would really be no one left in the mortal realm.

With this in mind, Lin Jiufeng’s expression changed. He roared firmly, “Human Realm powerhouses, come with me.” In the very next moment, the Eternal Dragon Boat streaked across the sky and quickly patrolled the mortal realm.

The Eternal Dragon Boat was huge and could accommodate at least hundreds of thousands of people. If they squeezed, it could even accommodate a million people.

But how many people were there in the mortal realm?

Tens of millions, hundreds of millions, billions?

There were countless people in the mortal realm.

Hence, Lin Jiufeng needed to choose who to bring with him.


Lin Jiufeng had no choice. This was a difficult choice.

He was expressionless as he stood on the deck of the Eternal Dragon Boat. With his hands behind his back, he looked at the wailing of the mortal realm and made up his mind.

“The Light of the Homes can bring those that the Eternal Dragon Boat can’t take away!”

Lin Jiufeng stretched out his hand and waved. The Light of the Homes that had always illuminated the mortal realm flew over. The Light of the Homes had the potential to grow indefinitely. There was also a boundless world inside.

Moreover, the crystal divine kingdoms in Lin Jiufeng’s body could also accommodate the common people of the mortal realm.

“When Emperor Yuan was the Emperor of the Yuhua God Dynasty back then, he said that he would take good care of the people of the mortal realm. I, Lin Jiufeng, will take away those that the Eternal Dragon Boat cannot take away,” Lin Jiufeng said firmly.

The Eternal Dragon Boat quickly streaked across the sky. Wherever it passed, Lin Jiufeng’s Light of the Homes would be lit. It began to continuously absorb the common people and cultivators.

If the Eternal Dragon Boat couldn’t accommodate them, they would enter the world of the Light of the Homes. If the Light of the Homes couldn’t contain them anymore, they would enter Lin Jiufeng’s crystal divine kingdoms.

As a result, the common people of the mortal realm were saved.

Lin Jiufeng controlled the Eternal Dragon Boat and became the last Savior of the mortal realm.

The dragon boat advanced rapidly on the ground. Wherever it went, the common people were taken away, leaving only the empty land.

The Eternal Dragon Boat also arrived at the Yuhua God Dynasty. In the new Yuhua God Dynasty, there were many common people. With the efforts of several generations of emperors, it had already reached an era of bustling prosperity. The population increased by several times. Although many people died in the attack of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age, there was a huge number left.

Here, Lin Jiufeng opened his crystal divine kingdoms.

He took in the people of the Yuhua God Dynasty.

Here, he also saw Emperor De, Princess Yulin’s family, and some people that he once knew.

Among Princess Yulin’s family, the weakest was at the Perfected Immortal Realm. But facing this catastrophe, they felt powerless. When they saw Lin Jiufeng, Emperor De and Princess Yulin were excited.

The other members of the royal family looked at Lin Jiufeng cautiously and reverently. They had personally witnessed the scene of Lin Jiufeng displaying his might and killing the people of the Seven Races.

After the publicity, they also knew that this person was their ancestor.

How could they not worship him?

How could they not be excited?

Of course, their worship and excitement were no match for their respect. None of them dared to speak.

Only Princess De Yulin dared to speak.

“Big Grand-Uncle, what are you planning to do?” Emperor De looked at Lin Jiufeng who was constantly collecting the common people and asked curiously.

“There is no hope for the mortal realm. The power of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age will descend later on. We can’t withstand their next attack, so we have to change places. The Eternal Dragon Boat can bring us to a place that the Seven Races of the Ancient Age can’t find easily. We can continue to reproduce and cultivate diligently. One day, we will be able to return to this mortal realm,” Lin Jiufeng said.

Emperor De stopped talking. At this moment, he missed his former talent greatly.

In order to manage the Yuhua God Dynasty better, he had already given up on the path of cultivation when he was young. He focused on becoming an emperor who worked diligently and benefited the people.

He thought that after he became the emperor, everything could be resolved.

But from the looks of it, cultivation was still useful.

“Big Grand-Uncle, where should we go now?” Princess Yulin asked.

The other members of the royal family looked at Lin Jiufeng.

“Go to the Death Realm!” Lin Jiufeng’s voice was low. He looked at the mountains and seas in the mortal realm, feeling very desolate.

Because if he escaped with the common people and the other races of the mortal realm, it was equivalent to giving up on this mortal realm.

Giving up meant failure.

Although they saved many people, compared to other eras, the mortal realm had the same outcome as them.

This era of civilization would end with the departure of Lin Jiufeng.

Wu Wu Wu Wu...

The Eternal Dragon Boat cut through the sky and quickly streaked across the mortal realm.

Lin Jiufeng was constantly paying attention to the situation of the Spell Realm. He had to make the best use of his time and take away all the common people and races of the mortal realm before the Seven Races of the Ancient Age attacked again.

Otherwise, what awaited them would be an inhumane massacre.

Those Immortal King powerhouses who hadn’t died in battle in the mortal realm were also put away by Lin Jiufeng and entered the Eternal Dragon Boat.

Lin Jiufeng looked at them. Previously, he had brought out more than a thousand Immortal King powerhouses from the Death Realm, but there were only a few hundred people standing here now.


The rest died in this earth-shattering battle.

In the crowd, Lin Jiufeng didn’t see the four powerhouses in the Death Realm who had surpassed the five-colored skeletons and reached the crystal skeleton level.

The four city lords were all killed in battle.

Lin Jiufeng’s heart ached. These people were once living well in the Death Realm. After entering the mortal realm, they fought a huge battle, and in the end, they were returning to the Death Realm.

Lin Jiufeng also saw a monk.

Monk Cangyang Jiacuo.

This monk actually didn’t die in this battle. Instead, his aura surged and he had the possibility of breaking through to the Immortal Emperor Realm at any moment.

Lin Jiufeng remembered him in his heart. This fellow was worth nurturing.

When most of the powerhouses in the mortal realm were gathered, the common people in the mortal realm were also stored in Lin Jiufeng’s crystal divine kingdoms. When he passed the last mountain, Lin Jiufeng was surprised to discover that he had encountered a familiar face.

Miss Hong!

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