80 Years Of Signing-In At The Cold Palace, I Am Unrivalled

Chapter 450 - Big Brother
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Chapter 450 Big Brother

Lin Jiufeng didn’t expect to be able tof sign in because of this battle.

Of course, he didn’t refuse.

His current strength was very awkward. In the Immortal Emperor Realm, he was invincible, but when he encountered a King Lord, he was still not a match.

Hence, Lin Jiufeng needed to become stronger.

He wouldn’t reject any chance of signing in.

“Sign in!”

Lin Jiufeng said solemnly.

He was very curious about what he could obtain from signing in this time.

Moreover, the difficulty of signing in this time was even greater than before. What could he sign in for at the price of a catastrophe in the mortal realm?

Lin Jiufeng was looking forward to it.

(Sign-In successful. Received Immortal Killing Sword.)

A treasured sword.

Lin Jiufeng was stunned. Then, he remembered that the Immortal Slaying Sword in his hand was the same type as this Immortal Killing Sword.

“It’s recorded in the ancient writings that there was a sword array in the ancient era called the Immortal Slaying Sword Array. Together with the four swords, they formed a killing array with boundless might.” “Four swords, the Immortal Slaying Sword, the Immortal Killing Sword, the Ultimate Immortal Sword, the Immortal Trapping Sword, and the Immortal Slaying Array Blueprint. Together, they represent the ultimate attack power.” “Previously, I signed in for the Immortal Slaying Sword. Now, I have the Immortal Killing Sword. There are only two swords left from the four swords, plus a blueprint.” “As long as I can sign in or find the remaining two swords and add the array blueprint, I will be able to fight a King Lord head-on at the Immortal Emperor Realm.”

Lin Jiufeng pondered continuously.

He reached out and gripped the air. A treasured sword that resembled the Immortal Killing Sword appeared in his palm.

Immortal Killing Sword.

After the appearance of the Immortal Killing Sword, there was immediately a chemical reaction between it and the Immortal Slaying Sword, as if they were biological brothers meeting

Lin Jiufeng put away the Sword of the Holy Church. With the Immortal Slaying Sword in one hand and the Immortal Killing Sword in the other, he stood in the air and looked down at the mortal realm. This land was already devastated at this moment. Corpses were piled up like mountains and blood flowed into the sea.

But the battle in the mortal realm wasn’t really


Lin Jiufeng looked up at the starry sky. There were two King Lords fighting in the starry sky.

Emperor Yuan and Situ Lanqi.

Their battle would truly decide the fate of the mortal realm.


Accompanied by a loud sound, the light between the two of them became resplendent. This was a competition of divine strength, a huge collision of spiritual consciousness. Without a doubt, they were in a life-and-death battle.

Amidst the dazzling light, they both flew out, erupting with a large string of blood that destroyed dozens of stars in the surroundings. It was unknown whose blood it was.

Emperor Yuan, who had gathered the remnant souls of the past powerhouses into one, fought endlessly with Situ Lanqi, who was at the peak of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age.

In the vast universe and stars, their combat strength would rise infinitely. One strike would definitely shake the world, and they were both attacking ruthlessly because they already knew each other’s strength.

“The troops of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age that attacked the mortal realm have been wiped out. Your plan to sweep through the mortal realm this time has failed,” Emperor Yuan said coldly.

Although he was fighting a life and death battle, he still noticed the current situation of the mortal realm. He also saw Lin Jiufeng killing in all directions and looking invincible.

Emperor Yuan was very gratified. Big Brother was indeed Big Brother.

Due to some fortuitous circumstances and reasons, he became the chosen one. He inherited the remnant souls of the past sages and leaped to become a King Lord.

He originally thought that his Big Brother would only be at the Immortal King Realm now.

But who would have thought that his Big Brother would actually reach the Immortal Emperor Realm and be invincible in the Immortal Emperor Realm?

“As long as I kill you, the mortal realm will be wiped out. They are just ants to me.” Situ Lanqi didn’t care at all. He didn’t take the army of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age that attacked the mortal realm seriously at all.

In every era when they wanted to destroy the mortal realm, the Seven Races of the Ancient Age had to pay a price.

These costs were acceptable to them.

The survival of the fittest.

The Seven Races of the Ancient Age also used this opportunity to send those incompetent people from their respective races who didn’t have a great destiny, great opportunities, and great comprehension ability to the battlefield and let them undergo a transformation. Just like nurturing parasite worms, tens of millions of parasite worms fought together and finally nurtured the most poisonous one. Hence, Situ Lanqi’s emotion wasn’t affected at all when the troops that attacked the mortal realm were wiped out. He had experienced too many such things in his long life and was long used to them.

“If one doesn’t become a King Lord, one will ultimately still be an ant. Even if there are invincible existences among Immortal Emperors in the mortal realm, they are just larger ants in my eyes. After I finish you, I will just kill him with a flick of my finger,” Situ Lanqi said coldly.

Having experienced countless wars, Situ Lanqi knew very well that wars were life and death battles. In the process of life and death battles, one mustn’t be distracted. One had to focus on killing the opponent in order to deal with the subsequent matters.

Situ Lanqi’s tall body was comparable to the sky at this moment. The light that shone from his palm burst out with the power of origin. It was like a mountain and the Great Dao was like the sky, extending in front of him.

“Origin God Fist, shatter everything. All the worlds are in the palm of my hand.”

Situ Lanqi shouted.

Behind him, an incomparably distant world appeared.

This world was connected to this place. There were countless mountains, and everywhere was an immortal realm. The source of truth burst out.

Huge and majestic cities were crawling on the ground. When one took a closer look, they were simply even more majestic and magnificent than the entire mortal realm. The area was vast and was another world.

The aura of this world communicated seamlessly with Situ Lanqi, providing this thick power to him. Almost in an instant, his strength increased by several times.

“It’s time for everything to end. This farce is disgusting. You rats hide here and there, but in the end, you still have no way of shaking the foundation of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age,” Situ Lanqi said coldly. His expression and attitude appeared to be in a fixed state at this moment. He absorbed the energy of the mysterious world behind him and let him punch out. The ages fell and he truly struck out the end of the world.

Seeing this, Emperor Yuan’s heart sank.

“The forces of the mortal realm are still too weak,” Emperor Yuan said indignantly.

They created two King Lords through integration and stitching. Emperor Yuan and Emperor Ming were chosen to integrate and become the King Lords that protected the mortal realm. However, even when counting Turtle Armor, they only had three King Lords. There was still no solution to deal with the Seven Races of the Ancient Age.

“Ignite my body and not enter the cycle of reincarnation. Spark of Life.”

At this moment, Emperor Yuan burned his core and forcefully activated a power that far exceeded his control.

It had integrated with the remnant souls of countless powerhouses. The power left behind by these powerhouses was very terrifying when stacked together, but Emperor Yuan’s spiritual energy could only control it to this extent. It was beyond his control. Once he lost control, the consequences would be mutual destruction.

Emperor Yuan had never used this portion of his strength before. He felt that he could wait a little longer. But now that Situ Lanqi had unveiled the true world of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age and absorbed its power from inside, it was no longer something that he could suppress.

He needed strength.

He was willing to contribute. He was willing to sacrifice himself.

Hence, at this moment, Emperor Yuan’s body instantly expanded, almost comparable to a star.

He activated the power left behind by the remnant souls of all the powerhouses in his body. In an instant, he gained 33 times his original combat strength.

The sky instantly darkened.

Emperor Yuan strode forward, his body trembling. His five fingers spread into a terrifying aura that directly pressed down.


A terrifying power cleansed the stars of the universe.

Originally, Emperor Yuan’s strength was already extraordinary. Now that he had increased his combat strength by 33 times, he could almost become one of the top King Lords.

The vital energy in his body could only support him in executing such strength for three minutes. Three minutes later, Emperor Yuan, who had burned everything, would die.

Hence, Emperor Yuan had to kill Situ Lanqi within three minutes and then leave a backup plan for the mortal realm.

“You actually activated everything. Do you not want to live anymore?” Situ Lanqi originally thought that him opening the true world of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age and gaining several times its strength from inside was already considered very crazy, but when he personally witnessed Emperor Yuan burning everything and instantly obtaining 33 times his original combat strength, Situ Lanqi was dumbfounded.

“Even if I don’t burn everything, I will still be killed by you in the end. The mortal realm will also decline. In that case, I might as well kill you first and die with you.” Emperor Yuan’s voice was cold, like the arrival of an ice river. The world was frozen everywhere. It was no longer easy for him to control all his strength to make subtle changes.

His combat strength was 33 times, making him feel that he had almost surpassed the King Lord Realm.

With one strike, he destroyed everything.

“Lunatic, you are really a lunatic.” Situ Lanqi trembled. He didn’t expect Emperor Yuan to be so crazy. He wasn’t afraid of fighting, he wasn’t afraid of death, but he wasn’t willing to be pulled into the water by a lunatic like this.

At this moment, Emperor Yuan’s condition couldn’t be maintained for long. As long as he dodged Emperor Yuan’s attacks for the time being, he would still be able to defeat Emperor Yuan.

Situ Lanqi stopped attacking. He turned around, wanting to escape.

He wanted to avoid Emperor Yuan’s three minutes.

“You want to escape? Impossible! You will definitely die here today.” Emperor Yuan’s attitude was incomparably arrogant. With 33 times his combat strength, he truly punched out, enveloping the starry sky and cutting off Situ Lanqi’s escape route.


Situ Lanqi’s escape route was blocked, and he couldn’t escape. He could turn around and forcefully receive Emperor Yuan’s attack.

Boom! Boom!!

The huge impact directly caused Situ Lanqi’s body to explode, transforming into a gorgeous streak of light. Only Situ Lanqi’s powerful will was left roaring and letting out a tragic cry.

“This is impossible. I don’t believe it. You can’t control 33 times the combat strength at all. How can you be fine? It’s a pity that I didn’t cultivate the Power of Origin to a high level. Otherwise, I could have summoned the Power of Origin and wiped you out.”

Situ Langi’s powerful Primordial Spirit power was trying its best to repair his body, coming back to life from his exploded body.

But his vital energy had already been greatly damaged.

He wanted to escape. If he stayed here for even a second longer, he would feel that it was very dangerous. Emperor Yuan was crazy and wanted to die with him.

He was unwilling.

“You can’t leave!”

Emperor Yuan’s expression remained calm and cold. The huge amount of energy in his body drew a perfect Taiji in his palm.

This was the Great Dao of Yin-Yang Taichi, directly obliterating Situ Lanqi’s reformed body once again.

A Taichi Yin-Yang Image appeared in the starry sky. One black and one white interweaved together, emitting powerful and terrifying energy to suppress Situ Lanqi.

Situ Lanqi’s body was destroyed. His Primordial Spirit wanted to do the same thing again, but the Yin-Yang Image didn’t give him the chance.

The Taiji symbol directly sucked in Situ Lanqi’s Primordial Spirit. Then, it slowly shrank and appeared in Emperor Yuan’s palm, trembling non-stop. Situ Lanqi seemed to want to break through the air and fly away. He roared and struggled inside, fighting for his life hysterically. Because he knew that if he didn’t go all out, he would be pulled down by Emperor Yuan and die with him. “You lunatic, you stitched-up piece of trash. You actually dare to suppress me and drag me to die with you? How dare you!” Situ Lanqi was flustered and exasperated, struggling on the verge of death.

But Emperor Yuan opened his mouth and spat out a ball of ferocious flames that infused into the taiji symbol. It immediately burned Situ Lanqi, causing him to cry out continuously. “This is the Black Yellow Fire. You actually have the Black Yellow Fire. Could it be that there’s actually a King who has transcended the Black Yellow Fire in your soul?” Situ Lanqi screamed in disbelief.

“It’s all over. I’m a dead person, to begin with. I’m satisfied with coming back to life and bringing you to death with me. Before I die, I will definitely burn you to death,” Emperor Yuan said coldly.

In this evenly-matched battle, as both sides used all their trump cards, Emperor Yuan ultimately won.

But this victory was a little tragic.

But Emperor Yuan had no time to feel sad and lament fate.

He immediately put away the Yin-Yang Taiji and returned to the mortal realm.

Looking at the devastated and torn mortal realm where rivers of blood flowed, Emperor Yuan sighed. Then, he stood in front of Lin Jiufeng.

Lin Jiufeng looked at Emperor Yuan with a slightly complicated gaze. He didn’t know if the person in front of him who had reached the King Realm was his younger brother or the soul of another powerhouse from the ancient era.

Hence, Lin Jiufeng watched silently.

Emperor Yuan also saw Lin Jiufeng. He was still the same as back then. His bearing was calm and he had the bearing of a grandmaster.

“Big Brother, you still haven’t changed.” Emperor Yuan took a deep breath, then smiled and said.

Lin Jiufeng’s eyes instantly became more amiable. A smile also appeared on his face.

“Long time no see. Should I call you younger brother, Emperor Yuan, or something else?” Lin Jiufeng asked with a smile.

“Either is fine. Be it your younger brother, Emperor Yuan of the Yuhua God Dynasty, or the King Lord who has integrated with countless ancient remnant souls, they are essentially the same person, a person with only an older brother as his one relative,” Emperor Yuan said softly. In front of Lin Jiufeng, he no longer had the aura of a King Lord.


Lin Jiufeng looked at him. Suddenly, he stretched out his hands and took a step forward to hug Emperor Yuan. Then, he reached out and patted his back. He said, “Welcome home, Little Brother.”

Emperor Yuan, who had been dead for more than a hundred years, finally returned to the mortal realm.

Lin Jiufeng was very happy. He hugged Emperor Yuan tightly.

After more than a hundred years, the two brothers finally met.

The regrets of the past were alleviated today.

“Big Brother, I don’t have much time left. Please remember my appearance. If you miss me in the future, bring me a cup of wine to my tomb. I will see it,” Emperor Yuan said softly.

Lin Jiufeng immediately released him. He stared at Emperor Yuan and asked nervously, “What do you mean by that? You just defeated the King of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age.”

“I gave my life to this fight. It’s not considered a loss since I won.” Emperor Yuan smiled slightly

Lin Jiufeng’s expression suddenly changed.

He looked at Emperor Yuan, not wanting his younger brother to leave at all. He asked, “Is there really no solution at all?”

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