80 Years Of Signing-In At The Cold Palace, I Am Unrivalled

Chapter 40 - A Painting of a Young Man Practicing His Moves
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Chapter 40: A Painting of a Young Man Practicing His Moves

Jiangnan, Mount Song!

This mountain was very famous in the Jiangnan region.

It was a sacred Buddhist place.

Thousands of years ago, Mount Song was the only Buddhist Sect in the Jiangnan area.

Following a divergence in ideals, Dalin Temple emerged.

Then, after the civil unrest and non-stop disputes—Xuankong Temple emerged.

The buddhist sects were divided into three, each of them saying that they were more orthodox than the other.

Dalin Temple took away Buddha’s writings, Xuankong Temple took away Buddha’s monk staff, and Mount Song kept with them the Buddha’s relics.

The three factions all refused to compromise.

Their situation had dragged on to this day.

All three factions had developed their own schools very well.

It was a pipe dream for one of them to try and integrate the other.

In the past, Mount Song had always been surrounded by devotees who came in an endless stream to pray and offer incense.

But today, Mount Song did not receive any devotees.

Only cultivators from major factions were allowed in.

A sea of people was waiting to see how Emperor Ming would disgrace himself after the Shaolin Temple rejected the imperial decree delivered by his emissary.

When Beihai stepped onto the stairs of Shaolin Temple, countless eyes were on him.

He felt uneasy and was very anxious.

Even though he was a Martial Sage, he was not confident facing such a situation.

But after touching the painting in his arms.

He suddenly gained confidence.

With senior’s painting, he had nothing to fear.

He walked confidently up to the Shaolin Temple’s Mahavira Hall with his head held high.

Here, standing right in the center was a group of monks.

There were people surrounding them, watching expectantly.

They all stared at Beihai.

The sense of oppression was overwhelming.

Beihai became akin to a sheep amidst a pack of wolves as he stood there while being watched by countless terrifying pairs of eyes.

Beihai shook his head and put his feelings behind him.

He did not look at the others and only stared at the abbot of Shaolin Temple.

A middle-aged monk whose cultivation was very powerful and was rather conceited looked at Beihai.

There was contempt in his eyes, but he spoke with a serious expression. “Benefactor, why have you come to Shaolin Temple?”

He obviously knew!

Beihai knew that it was impossible to make them accept the imperial decree.

He took out the imperial decree and said, “Abbot, do you want to look at it yourself or do you want me to read it out?”

The abbot of Shaolin Temple reached out and the imperial decree flew into his hand.

Then, he opened it.

The abbot’s expression changed immediately.

His face froze.

The words written in this imperial decree were filled with passion and authority.

First, it reprimanded the buddhist sects for the mistakes they had made—deceiving the people, harboring prisoners, violating the profound meanings of Buddha, and accusing them of being a group of fake monks.

Finally, Lin Tianyuan ordered Shaolin Temple to demolish the temples under its command within three months, keeping only the original Shaolin Temple.

In addition, he was to dismiss millions of monks and hand over the convicts among them to the court for trial.

Otherwise, there would be consequences!

Lin Tianyuan was very happy when he wrote it.

Now as the abbot looked at the imperial decree…

His expression went grim and cold.

He was furious.

“The buddhist sects wish no enmity with the imperial court. But we will not be put in the hands of the imperial court either.” After reading the decree, the abbot said coldly.

“Today, Emperor Ming of the Yuhua God Dynasty wrote these words to humiliate my Shaolin Temple, this is a great insult to Buddha.”

“You can’t leave…”

“Shaolin Temple will also pay a visit to that Emperor Ming.” The abbot was really angry.

He pointed with his finger and spoke aggressively.

He wanted to capture Beihai and preach to him the teachings of Buddhism to make the Yuhua God Dynasty suffer a big loss once he was converted to their ranks.

The people around watched, they were not surprised with this outcome at all.

After all, the Shaolin Temple was not that easy to mess with!

“You want to keep me here? I’m afraid you won’t be able to do that.” Beihai shook his head.

“Eighteen Arhats are here, who dares to be presumptuous in my Shaolin?!” Eighteen loud shouts converged into one voice.

The Eighteen Arhats with each of them in the Martial Sage Realm jumped forward.

They surrounded Beihai.

“Shaolin has the Eighteen Arhats. They are enough to suppress you.”

The abbot of Shaolin Temple said with a cold face.

“I don’t think so!” Beihai was still not afraid.

“How can you—a mere Martial Sage—fight against eighteen of them alone?”

The abbot snickered.

The onlookers from the major factions and the people from Shaolin Temple shook their heads simultaneously.

They thought Emperor Ming had made a bad move, letting a Martial Sage come to Shaolin Temple on his own.

Did Emperor Ming send him here to die?

They looked at the Eighteen Martial Sages as they lamented and praised Shaolin Temple’s profound heritage.

But Beihai said, “When I left the imperial capital, I brought along a painting that senior painted.”

Everyone looked at each other.

At this moment, what was Beihai talking about?

“The painting is with me.” Beihai held out the folded painting.

Everyone could not help but look over.


It was just a piece of folded-up writing paper.

What could it do to save Beihai?

The abbot said mockingly, “Have you gone crazy from being too afraid?”

“Are you spouting rubbish here?” The abbot said disdainfully.

Beihai shook his head. He said in a serious tone, “I’ve been living in the imperial capital. More than ten years ago, I saw a sword with my own eyes. More than ten years later, the senior painted this picture. I believe in him, hence I just want to tell you about it.”

“That mysterious expert in the imperial capital may be powerful, but that was more than ten years ago. After the rain, Martial Sages are everywhere. What can he do by himself?”

The abbot looked at Beihai indifferently, as if he was looking at a mentally disabled person who had lost his mind.

That person drew a picture and gave it to Beihai as a last resort.

Then, Beihai trusted it and he came to Shaolin Temple enthusiastically.

Now, he’s even trying to open this painting to make Shaolin Temple submit.

This was a huge joke.

Shaolin Temple found it preposterous.

The people from the major factions did not believe in it either.

What kind of power could a piece of paper have?

Beihai was surrounded by everyone.

Seeing that everyone did not believe his words, he took a deep breath and opened up the painting directly.

Everyone looked on with sarcasm thick on their faces as they laughed mockingly, they were obviously treating Beihai in disdain.

However, after Beihai opened the painting…


The entire Mount Song suddenly trembled.

Six huge black holes suddenly materialized in the air as it rotated rapidly.

They were like six abysses, and an immensely violent force descended upon them.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

A terrifying sense of oppression descended upon them.

Everyone’s knees turned weak and they all knelt down at once.

Whether it was the abbot, or the Eighteen Arhats, or the people from the major factions, or the Shaolin Temple elders…

They all knelt down.

The only one standing was Beihai.

Beihai’s mouth opened wide. He couldn’t close his mouth at all.

His expression was lifeless for a while, then he suddenly became excited.

He was so excited that he was trembling, words could not describe his feelings at this moment.

“What is that?”

“This is the painting that senior gave me.”

“There’s a kid practicing his moves on the painting, he is practicing… this terrifying move?”

“The painting came to life.”

Beihai looked over in excitement.

The painting that he opened—was a painting of a young man practicing his moves.

At this moment, the young man had come to life.

He was practicing his moves!

The move he was practicing was the Six Paths of Reincarnation Fist!

And this young man contained a wisp of Lin Jiufeng’s spiritual consciousness.

So at this moment, with one move, the Six Paths of Reincarnation appeared and suppressed the entire Shaolin Temple.


The Shaolin Temple abbot trembled as he said, “What’s going on here?”

He knelt down.

He couldn’t stand up.

The terrifying pressure held him down.

If not for his strong killing intent, the abbot thought that he would’ve been dead already.

Everyone looked at the sky, shocked.

Six large, dark holes spun rapidly in the sky.

It forced them to kneel down in front of Beihai.

In Shaolin Temple, an elderly Martial Sage raised his head in shock as he said in horror.

“This… this is… a Human God!”

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