80 Years Of Signing-In At The Cold Palace, I Am Unrivalled

Chapter 37 - The Buddhist Sects Attitude
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Chapter 37: The Buddhist Sects’ Attitude

The world changed drastically overnight.

Countless old powerhouses were reborn and countless young talents broke through the next stages in their cultivation realms.

But all of this had nothing much to do with Lin Jiufeng.

In the Cold Palace, he continued his routine of signing in as usual.

[Do you want to Sign-In before the newly born Land of Extremely Negative Energy?]

A line of words appeared before Lin Jiufeng’s eyes.

Lin Jiufeng was astonished.

“A newly born Land of Extreme Negative Energy?”

What do these words mean?

The original Land of Extremely Negative Energy was directly under the Cold Palace, where the Demon Lord from 1,500 years ago and the Chasing Corpse Sect from 700 or 800 years ago had left their traces.

Lin Jiufeng had already signed in at this location before.

But the gain wasn’t that significant.

Because thousands of years have passed in this Land of Extremely Negative Energy.

In addition, the Demon Lord built a palace in the same land while the Chasing Corpse Sect buried the corpse of their ancestor. As a result, the negative energy of this land was at its final dredges by the time Lin Jiufeng came to Sign-In.

The so-called Land of Extremely Negative Energy wasn’t that useful anymore.

If not, then the trapped soul of Imperial Consort Jia in the Land of Extremely Negative Energy wouldn’t be so weak that she couldn’t even kill Lin Jiufeng who had only recently started cultivating back then.

“It should be this rain that caused this huge change in the Land of Extremely Negative Energy. It made the true Land of Extremely Negative Energy appear.”

Lin Jiufeng thought about it carefully and deduced.

In the future, there would definitely be many terrifying places that would appear in this world.

Therefore, he needed strength.

Lin Jiufeng resolutely said, “Sign in!”

[Sign-In successful. Received the Six Paths of Reincarnation Fist!]

In the very next moment, an insight to the Great Dao and a fist intent appeared in his mind. It also included the true meaning of the Six Paths of Reincarnation.

Lin Jiufeng was shocked.

“Making the Six Paths of Reincarnation appear with one punch, this technique is indeed terrifying.”

This world was still somewhat of a high-level martial type of world yesterday. Lin Jiufeng’s strongest ability only enabled him to use his sword energy to kill enemies hundreds of miles away from where he was.

But after the heavy rain, he immediately received the Six Paths of Reincarnation Fist after his usual routine of signing in today.

Forcibly manifesting the Six Paths of Reincarnation with a punch to devour and destroy the enemy.

This world has completely turned into a fantasy-type of a world.

“The pinnacle of the martial path has increased in this brand-new world. There are more realms for me to break through now,” Lin Jiufeng said in surprise.

No one knew how many Great Grandmasters entered the Martial Sage Realm, and how many Martial Sages entered the Life Knowing step of the Martial Sage Realm after yesterday’s rain.

Even the white cat lying on the window ledge was emanating a formidable aura.

It also managed to greatly progress in its cultivation.

But the white cat’s aura suddenly became violent all of a sudden.

A wisp of black energy emerged from its body as it started to meow in pain.

It made a mistake while cultivating?

Lin Jiufeng frowned.

The white cat was too hasty in its cultivation. It didn’t manage to properly control the huge amount of spiritual energy it had accumulated in its body.

Lin Jiufeng decisively reached out and grabbed the white cat into his hand as he infused his True Qi into its body.

Under Lin Jiufeng’s control, the white cat eventually recovered as it became calm.

Then, it slowly opened its eyes.

It immediately noticed that it was lying in Lin Jiufeng’s palm.

Its abdomen was facing Lin Jiufeng.


The little white cat hurriedly jumped away from Lin Jiufeng.

It looked at him angrily before writing a few words with its paw.

“Why were you hugging me?”

“You made a mistake while cultivating,” Lin Jiufeng said honestly.

The white cat’s anger lessened upon hearing his words.

Lin Jiufeng was just helping it after all.

Left without a choice, it could only write weakly on the floor. “You are not allowed to hold me.”

“You’ve made a breakthrough into a new realm, yet you still can’t speak. You really are quite stupid.” Lin Jiufeng shook his head. He had no intention of hugging the white cat at all.

Although it felt quite good holding it.

“I broke through, but I still can’t see through you.” The little white cat wrote.

“Because I also broke through into a new realm. A realm beyond your reach.”

Lin Jiufeng’s mouth curled up as he said with a smile.

The people around the world enthusiastically discussed the rain that fell last night.

But a few days later, the rain was still falling non-stop.

In the end, the rain lasted for a month.

Within this month, young talents rose up everywhere.

Besides that, there were also powerful cultivators from hundreds of years ago that started to appear in the world. Their presence completely disrupted the originally peaceful world.

Young geniuses and old experts appeared at the same period and competed against each other. Countless powerhouses were brought together in this new world, it was simply unimaginable.

The power of each individual continued to rise, the imperial court’s deterrent power was greatly reduced as various violations of the law and people who committed taboos emerged endlessly.

Lin Tianyuan finally made up his mind to target the buddhist sects.

An imperial decree was made.

It ordered the demolition of the 80,000 monasteries and temples belonging to the Xuankong and Shaolin Temple. Of course, the buildings that their sects originally had were spared from this demolition order.

However, millions of monks were ordered to renounce their faith and enter the secular world.

Among them, the most sinful ones must be sent to the authorities to undergo a fair trial and receive the punishment they deserved after all this time.

This imperial decree directly shocked the world.

A new era was coming.

This was an era where cultivators would undoubtedly flourish.

Both Shaolin Temple and Xuankong Temple have a thousand-year heritage under their belts.

With their deep foundations, they had talents in both the older and younger generations of monks.

It was only 400 years ago when the Yuhua God Dynasty was established. It only had a few Martial Sages underneath its banner, yet the imperial court actually dared to take action against these powerful forces?

The whole world instantly became lively.

Everyone wanted to see how the Shaolin and Xuankong Temple would respond.


On a majestic mountain range, there were statues of Buddha everywhere. The highest mountain was the Shaolin Golden Peak. Every day when the sun rose, golden light would shine on this peak, making it look like the kingdom of Buddha.

This was the base camp of Shaolin Temple, Shaoshi Mountain! 𝗳𝒓e𝚎𝙬𝒆𝙗𝚗o𝙫e𝗹. 𝐜𝐨𝙢

It was written in Lin Tianyuan’s imperial decree that except for the temples on this mountain, every large and small temple outside of this mountain were to be demolished.

After the Shaolin Temple received the imperial decree, they immediately held a meeting.

In the Damo Hall, hundreds of monks sat in rows.


The head of Damo Hall slapped the table angrily as he said, “Our Buddhist Sect had always been independent for thousands of years. No dynasty had ever interfered with us, and we also never undermined the imperial court.”

“We even disseminated Buddhist classics so that the common people can live and work in peace…”

“But now, what is the Yuhua God Dynasty trying to do with us?”

“Yes, the Yuhua God Dynasty is too much.”

“It has only been 400 years since the Yuhua God Dynasty was established, yet it’s already so daring?”

“Shutting our temples is tantamount to destroying the foundation of the Shaolin Temple…”

“We must definitely oppose this order to the end.”

“I finally understand what catastrophe the Holy Buddha was talking about before he died, it turns out that it’s from the Yuhua God Dynasty.”

The crowd of monks started their discussion.

The abbot of Shaolin Temple raised his hand and said calmly, “There’s no need to be angry.”

“This is a new era, the seniors of our Shaolin have already made their breakthroughs…”

“The Martial Sage Realm is no longer that difficult to reach anymore.”

“Some of them has even reached the second step of the Martial Sage Realm, and there’s also a senior who’s attempting to break through to the third step, Fish Leap.”

“The Yuhua God Dynasty is a secular dynasty, they are only relying on the powerful Martial Sage hidden in their imperial capital. But he’s just one person, how can he drastically change the world alone?”

“There is no need for our Shaolin Temple to respond personally. Let’s just find some powerhouses that hate the Yuhua God Dynasty and we’ll gather them together. I reckon that they will be enough to crush the Yuhua God Dynasty to death.”

The abbot of Shaolin Temple carried a faint smile, but there was disdain in his smile. “This is the age of the cultivators, it isn’t the age of the Yuhua God Dynasty anymore. Since they are not behaving, then let’s just change the dynasty.”

As soon as these words came out, the monks of Shaolin Temple became excited.

The Shaolin Temple that had been passed down for thousands of years must be this domineering at the least.

How could they let themselves be bullied by a dynasty that has only been in existence for 400 years?

There wasn’t any reaction from Shaolin Temple at all.

They acted as if they had never heard of this imperial decree.

None of the temples under Shaolin Temple’s command were demolished.


Shaolin Temple directly ignored the Yuhua God Dynasty and the Emperor—Lin Tianyuan.

However, Xuankong Temple was even more direct.

After seeing the imperial decree, it immediately announced that it would build another 100 temples in the Jiangnan area. It hoped that its believers would actively donate money to help the Buddha build a golden body.

In return, they would be blessed by Buddha for their donation.

These two sects didn’t give the Yuhua God Dynasty any face at all.

But some people became curious as to why the Yuhua God Dynasty was treating the three buddhist sects completely different from each other despite the fact that their origins were the same.

As an example, why didn’t the Yuhua God Dynasty target Dalin Temple too?

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