80 Years Of Signing-In At The Cold Palace, I Am Unrivalled

Chapter 36 - Lie on Bed at Night, Listen to the Rain and Break Through
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Chapter 36: Lie on Bed at Night, Listen to the Rain and Break Through

Everyone was waiting for the rain.

In the imperial capital, there was Lin Jiufeng.

In the Great Yan Dynasty, there was the Holy Maiden.

In the Jiangnan area, there were the monks from Shaolin Temple.

In other places, many people came to know about the arrival of this rain through various means.

In the courtyard of the Cold Palace.

Lin Jiufeng was calculating the time.

In the wee hours, the rain should arrive on time.

‘Since I transmigrated here, the spirit energy has been slowly recovering, but this recovery is subtle and very slow. After 25 years, the spirit energy has only increased a little.’ Lin Jiufeng thought silently.

This was why all of those who managed to reach the Martial Sage Realm became stuck in the first step of the Martial Sage Realm, Profound Insight.

Even Lin Jiufeng wasn’t spared, he had been stuck for five years in the Profound Insight step. It was only when he took a trip to the Northwest Plains and executed that sword move did he manage to make a breakthrough to Life Knowing.

Now, he was stuck in the Life Knowing step.

It was obvious how slow the recovery of the world’s spiritual energy was.

The recovery was so slow that even the world itself started to become anxious.

From the beginning of the previous winter until the spring of this year, the world itself was anxious all this time.

Ordinary people couldn’t see it because they didn’t have the ability to sense it.

Only a powerful Martial Sage noticed it.

When the preparations were finally done, the world itself managed to gather a huge amount of spiritual energy that it would spill onto the world by tonight.

Lin Jiufeng was waiting for this rain.

The white cat was lying close to the window. It wasn’t really aware of what was happening, but since Lin Jiufeng said it would rain tonight, it chose to accompany him and waited for the rain with him.

Night descended, and the stars tonight were very bright.

The moonlight was also extra resplendent and radiant.

Like the moon on the 15th of the Chinese lunar month[1].

The white cat looked at Lin Jiufeng in confusion.

Would it rain?

Lin Jiufeng closed his eyes. He adjusted his body and adjusted his state to the peak.

When the rain arrived, he would be able to make a breakthrough to the next stage.

Time slowly passed minute by minute.

At midnight, the moon crossed the galaxy, and the timing was in the wee hours.


At this moment, thunderclap reverberated throughout the entire world one after another, as if a god was raging and roaring at the world.

The sound of thunder echoed between heaven and earth.

Tick, tick, tick.

Rain dropped down and landed on the eaves.

The white cat looked at this in surprise. It actually rained.

It couldn’t help but stick its head out, wanting to take a look.


But in the very next second, the rainstorm came and the raindrops fell onto its face.

Caught off guard, its fur got wet.

The white cat hurriedly retracted its head and shook its head to shake off the rainwater.

But as it was shaking its head, it stiffened all of a sudden.

Why was there such a dense and large amount of spiritual energy in the rainwater?

This amount of spiritual energy was so large that it couldn’t believe it.

The white cat couldn’t help but look at Lin Jiufeng.

Lin Jiufeng was already in a cultivation state.

As rainwater fell, it carried with it dense amounts of spiritual energy.

Howling gales blew the spiritual energy all over the mortal realm.

This world was being nourished.

This was the gift of heaven and earth to the world.

Lin Jiufeng had already started absorbing the spiritual energy in the air, his body entered a deep state of cultivation.


Outside were lightning and thunder, rain and wind.

Inside the house, Lin Jiufeng was lying on the bed while listening to the rain and breaking through to the next step!

The white cat learned from him. It knew that Lin Jiufeng was smarter, so it learned from Lin Jiufeng and started to cultivate too.

It also wanted to become stronger.

It wanted to defeat Lin Jiufeng and step on him with its paws.

It wanted to show off its power and might.

The white cat was already planning its revenge against Lin Jiufeng for constantly calling the words it wrote?‘ugly’.

Tonight, countless cultivators were surprised to discover that the concentration of spiritual energy in the world was increasing by leaps and bounds.

50 times…

100 times…

Even hundreds of times…

Some people took in a breath of the spiritual energy and they immediately became bloated as they yelled in surprise.

There were some old people that were on the verge of death. They were ambitious, but their bodies weren’t capable enough for them to fulfill their ambitions anymore. Each of them had already come to terms regarding their deaths, and they were peaceful.

But the spiritual energy brought by this rain moisturized their dried bodies.

They were rejuvenated.

They directly broke through their shackles.

They directly broke through the restrictions on their cultivation base and gained a new lease in life.

These old people were reduced to tears.

Some old people even yelled. “I really want to live another 500 years!”

The old seniors that had constantly lived in seclusion for hundreds of years in their various sects and families crawled out of their coffins one after another.

“This is a totally different world now.”

“This is a world of great competition. I want to try to leave a legend in this world again.”

“It was passed down since ancient times that the world’s energies would recover and the world will return to its previous glorious state 1500 years ago. Now, I have successfully waited for its arrival.”

“It’s not in vain that I sealed myself for 500 years. I can look at this brand-new world with my eyes.”

“For the next 500 years, this world shall worship me as their master!”

Different old people said different things but without exception, their cultivation bases were all very high.

Tonight, their bodies were rejuvenated.

Then, they directly broke through to the Martial Sage Realm.

And some even continued to climb higher.

Great Yan Dynasty, Temple of the Holy Maiden.

The Holy Maiden was also currently absorbing the spiritual energy in the air.

She couldn’t help but comment in satisfaction. “It’s indeed a new world now.”

“This is only the beginning and the amount of spiritual energy is already so huge. From now on, this world will be very exciting. Although I came into this world quite a number of years earlier, I still managed to establish a foundation in this world.”

Then, she began to cultivate. As lighting flitted across the skies above her, her cultivation base broke through to the Martial Sage Realm.

But she didn’t stop there as her breakthrough continued.

Imperial capital.

The powerhouses of the royal family were also frantically absorbing the spiritual energy in the air, including Lin Tianyuan, who suddenly discovered that he now had a hope of breaking through to the Martial Sage Realm.

How could he possibly let go of this opportunity and stop cultivating?

Tonight, no one fought against each other.

There were no quarrels, nor was there anyone that rested.

Tonight, everybody cultivated in unison.

And they achieved breakthroughs in their cultivation in unison.

In the Cold Palace.

The white cat’s body shone in a fluorescent light. Deep within this light were traces of energies that it had absorbed back when it consumed those treasures in the underground palace.

It was completely reborn.

As for Lin Jiufeng, there wasn’t any phenomenon on him.

If becoming ordinary was a phenomenon, then indeed he has one phenomenon on him.

Alone on the frost jade bed, listening to the rain as he made a breakthrough in his cultivation base. This was Lin Jiufeng’s current state.

The energies that he had accumulated after cultivating for more than 20 years, coupled with the two demonic cultivation techniques that he was simultaneously cultivating, plus a few sword techniques, and countless other techniques he obtained from signing in…

All of these combined caused him to crazily break through at this moment.

As his techniques and his insights into them collided and merged with each other…

Lin Jiufeng suddenly opened his eyes.

He seemed to be able to see a fish happily swimming within the water droplets in the rain.

In an instant, he reached the Fish Leap step of the Martial Sage Realm.

Next was the Great Sage step.

Which was also the final step of the Martial Sage Realm.

Lin Jiufeng smiled slightly.

This wasn’t a problem for him anymore.

With the help of the Demonic Great Refinement and the Ancient Demonic book, breaking through wasn’t a problem to him anymore.

Only a night passed, yet the world has changed dramatically.

Countless cultivators made their own breakthroughs into their next realms.

Even for the common people, the abundant spiritual energy in the world has healed their old illnesses and injuries.

The seriously ill old people recovered their health.

The dying were also redeemed.

The Children became more intelligent.


All in all, a new era has officially arrived.

So in order to cope with the arrival of the new era, the first thing Lin Tianyuan did was to come and look for Lin Jiufeng.

He knew that in this new era, the absolute strength of every individual would be greatly strengthened, and although it couldn’t be said that Martial Sages could now be found everywhere, they were no longer that rare.

Therefore, should he still carry out his plan?

Lin Tianyuan needed Lin Jiufeng’s guidance.

But Lin Jiufeng didn’t come out to see him.

Lin Jiufeng was still working hard in his cultivation at this moment, so he didn’t have the time to see anyone.

“Everything will proceed as per normal but you need to work harder in cultivating talents.”

Lin Jiufeng only gave Lin Tianyuan these words, but the door to the Cold Palace remained closed.

[1] [Annotation text missing]

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