80 Years Of Signing-In At The Cold Palace, I Am Unrivalled

Chapter 29
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Chapter 29: Emperor Ming Seeks Help

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The white cat was struck to the ground.

Shaking its head, it shook the dust off its body

It meowed angrily.

All of its claws extended, looking sharper than magical weapons.

But when it recalled that elusive move from Lin Jiufeng just now, it retracted its claws and sulked. Then, it leaped onto the walls of the courtyard to watch both Lin Jiufeng and Lin Tianyuan from a distance.

Seeing this scene, Lin Tianyuan asked curiously, “Uncle, is this yours?”

Lin Jiufeng shook his head and responded. “A stray cat that came from somewhere unknown, it has a terrible temper. If it wasn’t because I found it pitiful, I would’ve driven it away long ago. No need to bother with it, just let it stay there on the wall.”

The white cat was infuriated. Its claws scratched the walls and almost made a hole in it.

Lin Jiufeng ignored it and asked Lin Tianyuan, “You’ve become the Emperor, with a myriad of state affairs to handle every day. How do you have the time to come here?”

It could be considered that Lin Jiufeng had watched Lin Tianyuan grow up.

He inherited Emperor Yuan’s unfulfilled wish and picked up Emperor Yuan’s style. He was entirely devoted to state affairs.

Lin Jiufeng was very pleased with this.

It proved that his younger brother hadn’t misjudged Lin Tianyuan’s character.

In the fight for power among the group of princes, he decisively chose Lin Tianyuan.

“Uncle, I’m here to deliver something to you.”

Lin Tianyuan who had matured considerably said with a smile.

He had indeed matured quickly after living five whole years of his life as the Emperor.

He now commanded a really strong presence.

But before Lin Jiufeng, he was still the sweet and respectful Lin Tianyuan.

“Deliver something to me?” Lin Jiufeng asked curiously. “What is it?”

Lin Jiufeng respectfully brought out a secret manual from his bosom.

With both hands, presented it to Lin Jiufeng.

Lin Jiufeng took it and opened it for a look.

[Ancient Demonic Book]

“This was the culprit that caused your father’s death?” Lin Jiufeng asked solemnly.

If Emperor Yuan didn’t cultivate this cultivation technique five years ago, Lin Jiufeng would’ve managed to bring him back to life even if he had burned most of his life energy.

“Yes, it is this heretic cultivation technique.” Lin Tianyuan nodded.

“It hasn’t been destroyed yet?” Lin Jiufeng continued to ask.

“Uncle, I just cannot bear to do it.” Lin Tianyuan sighed.

He also wanted to destroy this demonic cultivation technique back then. But in the serene silence of the night, after much consideration as he held this demonic cultivation technique in his hands, he still decided to lock it away in the end.

He just couldn’t bear to destroy it.

“You cultivated it?” Lin Jiufeng looked at Lin Tianyuan with a sharp gaze.

This demonic cultivation technique had already killed two emperors.

Lin Jiufeng did not wish to see Lin Tianyuan die to this as well.

Lin Tianyuan shook his head resolutely. “I did not.”

However, his smile turned wry.

“I am always tempted to cultivate it every time in the dead of the night. With the ever-growing difficulties of passing reforms and with the countless forces playing their own tricks behind the scenes, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to restrain myself from cultivating it.”

Lin Tianyuan was being completely honest.

He could resist this demon cultivation technique that could boost his strength on usual days.

But whenever he was met with a setback, especially when the setback involved several major forces. The desire to become strong enough to pave his own path throughout the world would always appear in his heart.

“Five years ago, I could firmly resist this demonic cultivation technique. But this year, I’ve already brought it out several times at night. I’m just short of actually opening,” said Lin Tianyuan with a bitter smile.

“Uncle, my willpower is still lacking,” said Lin Tianyuan dejectedly.

Lin Jiufeng looked at Lin Tianyuan. “So you are giving this demon cultivation technique to me because you want to completely end this thought?”

Lin Tianyuan nodded and said seriously, “I know that Uncle is a person of great willpower, you were able to spend decades in this abandoned Cold Palace after all. This demonic cultivation technique will definitely not have an influence on you. I ask that Uncle take care of it.”

Lin Jiufeng reached out to rub the demonic cultivation technique.

Parchment had been used for it and it had been soaked in a special beast oil which made it particularly resilient to decay and damage.

“Leave it with me then. Are there any more demonic cultivation techniques like this in the royal palace?” Lin Jiufeng asked.

“There are no more.” Lin Tianyuan shook his head.

“Reforming the Yuhua God Dynasty was your father’s wish. You’re working really hard and I know it is very tough for you too, but it’s not that there’s nobody behind you!” Lin Jiufeng said solemnly to Lin Tianyuan.

“Although I do not wish to partake in the affairs of the outside world, I have a compelling obligation to fulfill your father’s dying wish.”

“When you encounter troubles that you cannot handle in the future, just come straight to me and I will solve it for you.”

“You just need to spare no efforts with the reform, remember to let all the common people in the world live a good life. Provide for the elderly and be the dependence for the young.”

“As for the powerhouses who dare to stop you, they need to ask first whether the sword in my hand agrees or not!”

Lin Jiufeng solemnly gave Lin Tianyuan his guarantee.

Lin Jiufeng knew that Lin Tianyuan was under great pressure in such a lofty position.

Especially when what he inherited was Emperor Yuan’s unfulfilled wishes to reform the world.

So Lin Jiufeng gave his own promise to him.

Lin Tianyuan looked at Lin Jiufeng, touched.

He bowed all the way and choked. “I ask Uncle to act and give me a hand.”

Lin Jiufeng knew that this was the case.

Lin Tianyuan must have encountered huge trouble.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t even think about cultivating this demonic cultivation technique.

“What happened?” Lin Jiufeng led Lin Tianyuan into the courtyard and let him sit down.

Other than a stone table, the rest of the courtyard was covered in bone swords.

It has been five years since these bone swords were inserted into the ground here, but Lin Jiufeng never used them even once.

“A powerful Martial Sage has appeared on the Northwest Plains. He’s a very strong one…”

“He unified the fragmented Xianbei by himself. My scouts said that the unification happened just this winter and not long after, he will invade the borders with his army of millions and hunt down our troops for a million miles,” Lin Tianyuan said in a low voice.

Lin Jiufeng frowned.

The fragmented Xianbei on the Northwest Plains boasted a huge population.

But they had always been fragmented for the entire population consisted of 800 different tribes of various sizes. In addition, all of them disliked each other, so they had never been a threat to the borders of the Yuhua God Dynasty.

But it was clearly out of everyone’s expectations that a powerhouse would suddenly appear out of nowhere to unite the fragmented Xianbei under his banner.

Furthermore, he even wanted to hunt down the troops of the Yuhua God Dynasty for a million miles in the quest of plundering a million miles of land behind the borders.

Lin Jiufeng’s gaze turned cold.

“What’s the name of the Martial Sage who united Xianbei?” Lin Jiufeng asked.

“Tumen. He’s a priest of the Xianbei Temple. It is said that he received the graces of the gods of the plains and broke through to Martial Sage Realm at one go.”

“He has no match throughout the plains and is very arrogant,” Lin Tianyuan replied.

“Uncle, it’s already winter.”

“The snow is too cold, and as a result…”

“The dispatchment of troops will be very slow. In addition, with a million miles of land from beyond the border, we will surely have a harder time with defense compared to their launching of the offense.

“If he succeeds, millions of people would be displaced from their hometowns.”

“Furthermore, the number of deaths from the cold and starvation would be too many to count by then,” said Lin Tianyuan with a pained heart.

“So you want me to go and kill this Martial Sage Tumen, am I right?” Lin Jiufeng calmly asked.

“Uncle, please take action!” Lin Tianyuan stood up. He cupped both of his hands and bowed.

“Go back. I will go and kill Tumen.” Lin Jiufeng waved his hand in and agreed to it.

This time, he was taking action for the millions of people living near the borders of the plains.

Lin Tianyuan left.

Since Uncle had agreed, he believed that Tumen would surely die.

Hence, he needed to make arrangements for the subsequent matters in advance.

When Lin Tianyuan disappeared, the white cat directly jumped off the courtyard walls and wrote a few words in front of Lin Jiufeng.

The words were still crooked as ever as they looked even more cursive than cursive handwriting.

It depicted the white cat’s personal style in writing.


“You are going out?”

Lin Jiufeng nodded.

“Find more information!”

Lin Jiufeng shook his head and said, “I’ll do that when I’m back.”

“How much time do you need?”

Lin Jiufeng smiled.

A spring breeze seemed to have brushed past his face as he said, full of confidence.

“To kill a Martial Sage cultivator…”

“Three days is enough!”

Two of these three days were the time needed to travel back and forth.

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