80 Years Of Signing-In At The Cold Palace, I Am Unrivalled

Chapter 28
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Chapter 28: Emperor Ming Visits

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

It was empty inside the coffin.

This time, the white cat became desperate, a powerful force burst out of its body.

Lin Jiufeng was caught off guard. The white cat managed to break free from Lin Jiufeng’s grip and it leaped into the coffin. It then continuously fumbled around and called out from inside the coffin. Its forlorn and bitter cries reverberated throughout.

It refused to believe all of this.

How could there be nothing in the coffin?

Lin Jiufeng looked at the sad white cat and asked, “Who is this person?”

The white cat turned around and looked at Lin Jiufeng ferociously.

It was not in the mood to answer Lin Jiufeng.

“Tell me. Perhaps I can help you find where this person went.”

Lin Jiufeng did not force it either as he offered coolly.

The white cat consumed and digested every treasure in this treasure trove until it finally became a Martial Sage. But its extravagant consumption of those treasures meant that it had no idea about the cultivation world.

It inadvertently reached the Martial Sage Realm after consuming the resources at its disposal.

This was why it only used its claws to kill, without even executing a technique.

Right now, the white cat was upset and its cries were heart-wrenching.

This meant that it didn’t expect the coffin to be empty.

All this time, it had never suspected that this had always been the case.

Lin Jiufeng wanted to figure out the origins of the white cat—this palace, this coffin—and the person that was supposed to be inside the coffin.

The white cat’s claws gripped the coffin tightly while emitting a squealing sound.

It was using its brain to think.

But it could not figure out what had happened no matter what.

There was just itself and Lin Jiufeng present.

So, in the end, it ultimately yielded. Jumping off the coffin, it wrote something on the floor.

[Demon Lord]

Lin Jiufeng’s eyes narrowed as he said, “The person buried in the coffin is the Demon Lord? When he was laid to rest?”

The white cat’s claws moved several times and scrawled a line of words.

“1500 years ago!”

“The Demon Lord from 1500 years ago…” Lin Jiufeng fell into deep thought.

The Yuhua God Dynasty wasn’t even founded yet 1500 years ago. That period was thought to be the peak era of the cultivation world. Numerous experts were abundant throughout the land and everything was in turmoil. The rise and fall of dynasties was quick.

Someone who could have the title of the Demon Lord back then was definitely a peak existence of that era.

“I don’t have any information about this so-called Demon Lord in my memories,” said Lin Jiufeng while shaking his head.

The white cat immediately flared up. It believed that Lin Jiufeng was fooling it.

“But I can go to the royal library and look up all sorts of information. The Yuhua God Dynasty is, after all, the only god dynasty of the current epoch. It definitely has a piece of information or two when it comes to this so-called Demon Lord.” Lin Jiufeng ignored the white cat’s anger.

The white cat decisively wrote down a few words. “Go look it up.”

Lin Jiufeng looked at it and laughed. “Would I do that for nothing?”

“I… I can give you treasures.” The white cat swiftly wrote a string of words.

Although it had the capabilities of a Martial Sage, it did not refine its pubis and was unable to?speak1.

But it could write.

However, it had crooked handwriting similar to that of a two to three-year-old.

Every stroke landed in a spot contrary to Lin Jiufeng’s expectation.

Fortunately, Lin Jiufeng could still recognize the words as he looked at the white cat while it scribbled.

“You’ve already eaten all the things in this secret trove and you’re saying that you still have some treasures for me?” Lin Jiufeng refused to believe it.

“I did eat a lot, but I hid a significant amount to save up and eat them slowly. Since I couldn’t leave, I had to carefully plan my meals. I only ate them sparingly in case I ran out of food.” The white cat was still pretty clever.

Just that this large paragraph of words it had written painted a truly terrible sight.

It made Lin Jiufeng’s eyes hurt.

“All right, deal.” Lin Jiufeng nodded and agreed.

He wasn’t doing this for the treasures.

He mainly wanted to know the origins of this Demon Lord.

Why did he construct a palace and buried it tens of meters, even hundreds of meters underground?

“Leave this place and go find more information.” Upon witnessing Lin Jiufeng’s agreement, the white cat immediately drove Lin Jiufeng out. It did not like having people inside of this palace.

Lin Jiufeng did not want to stay that long either.

There wasn’t anything here at all, but a clutter of odds and ends, as well as a white cat.

Although the white cat looked beautiful in the eyes with its body that resembled crystal and glass, its temper was bad.

Lin Jiufeng shook his head and he turned around to leave.

But when Lin Jiufeng turned around to leave, a line of words appeared before his eyes.

[Sign-In in the underground Demon Palace?]

“Sign in!” Lin Jiufeng agreed.

[Sign-In successful. Received Demonic Great Refinement Cultivation Technique!]

Following that, a large chunk of memories surged into Lin Jiufeng’s mind.

They were all about the Demonic Great Refinement Cultivation Technique.

It was a demonic sect’s advanced dharmic formulation.

It was incredibly powerful when cultivated right.

“Not bad. I have another cultivation technique to save my life.” Lin Jiufeng was very satisfied.

He always liked everything that could improve his capabilities.

After the successful Sign-In, Lin Jiufeng directly left the underground palace.

The white cat kept its eyes on Lin Jiufeng. It was cautious and vigilant.

It still did not trust Lin Jiufeng at all.

Lin Jiufeng ignored it.

Stepping onto the surface, he looked at the passageway entrance under the hundred-year-old tree. In the end, he decided not to close the entrance.

Lin Jiufeng directly returned to his own courtyard.

He laid on the frost jade bed and closed his eyes to cultivate.

He carefully cultivated the Demonic Great Refinement Cultivation Technique that he had just received, thoroughly digesting it to make it a part of his own capabilities.

As for finding more information on that so-called Demon Lord?

He could do that tomorrow too.

In any case, Lin Jiufeng had a lot of time.

The white cat covertly followed Lin Jiufeng the whole time.

Seeing that Lin Jiufeng did not go to find more information, but instead, he went back to sleep and cultivate.

It bared its teeth as its sharp claws extended.

It was furious.

But after its fury blossomed, it suddenly felt helpless.

Since it was no match for Lin Jiufeng, no matter how angry it was, it would be for nothing.

The white cat sulked for a period of time.

It stared at Lin Jiufeng just like that. It knew that Lin Jiufeng could sense its gaze.

So it continued to stare in this manner.

Looking right at him.

The two eyes that resembled glass and amber remained on Lin Jiufeng without blinking.

But Lin Jiufeng remained unmoved.

After staring for half the night, the white cat let out a meow.

It threw a resentful glance at Lin Jiufeng before it turned around and left.

It went back to the underground palace.

Lin Jiufeng who was on the frost jade bed finally opened his eyes.

A trace of a smile appeared at the corner of his lips as he murmured.

“It’s not like you’re a beautiful young girl, am I supposed to react and blush while you were staring at me like that?”

The next day. Lin Jiufeng finally had a thorough understanding of the Demonic Great Refinement Cultivation Technique last night. Since he was done, he planned on looking up more information about that so-called Demon Lord early this morning.

The reason was very simple.

The white cat had once again kept an eye on Lin Jiufeng before daybreak arrived earlier.

Standing in the courtyard, its eyes remained fixed on Lin Jiufeng.

Since it was no match for Lin Jiufeng, it could only use this method to pressure him.

Lin Jiufeng shook his head helplessly.

He got ready and prepared to leave the Cold Palace for the royal library in order to find more information regarding that Demon Lord.

But a surprise visitor interrupted Lin Jiufeng’s plan to leave.

It was Emperor Yuan’s son.

Emperor Ming.

He was also Lin Tianyuan who once lived with Lin Jiufeng for ten whole years.

He succeeded the throne when he was 15 years old and spent the first five years of his reign managing state affairs, working tirelessly for a prosperous country.

Today, he was 20 years old.

This was his first time meeting with Lin Jiufeng after he succeeded to the throne.

“Uncle!” Lin Tianyuan who had matured quite a lot shouted warmly.

He used to address Lin Jiufeng as Teacher.

Ever since he changed his form of address that time, he had been calling him Uncle all the time.

“Why have you come?” Lin Jiufeng asked curiously.

He was really curious.

Considering the Yuhua God Dynasty’s current situation, there probably weren’t any troublesome matters that required Lin Tianyuan to come and look for him, was there?

The white cat became anxious.


It knew that Lin Jiufeng was about to leave, but a person just had to come and stop him in his tracks.

The white cat’s thoughts were very simple.

‘I’ll kill you, then Lin Jiufeng will be able to go out!’

Thus, it pounced over.


But Lin Jiufeng flicked his sleeve.

The Demonic Great Refinement Cultivation Technique directly sent the white cat flying.

It slammed against a tree and dropped down weakly.

Its appearance immediately became dusty and dirty.

Yet it wasn’t injured at all, Lin Jiufeng’s control over his own strength had already reached perfection.

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