80 Years Of Signing-In At The Cold Palace, I Am Unrivalled

Chapter 21
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Chapter 21: A Gift for Emperor Yuan

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Jiufeng stepped into the Qianyuan Hall Stepping and saw the pale and unrecognizable Emperor Yuan.

Although Lin Jiufeng had received the Life Resuscitation Technique from signing in, he was starting to doubt whether it would be effective after he saw Emperor Yuan’s current state.

“Big Brother.” Emperor Yuan saw Lin Jiufeng and he cried out excitedly.

Tears flowed down his face.

In the last moments of his life, the person he wanted to see most was not his wife, nor his son.

It was the brother who shared the same mother as him.

When Lin Jiufeng was born, he was raised as the Crown Prince.

He was knowledgeable and graceful.

Emperor Yuan looked up to his own brother since he was young, treating him as his role model.

When he was young, Emperor Yuan often heard his brother talk about the issues with the vassal lords, and the states becoming too powerful for the imperial capital.

He didn’t understand him back then.

He only thought that the vassals were bad because they made his brother worry so much.

But when he became the prince and finally understood the internal affairs of the Yuhua God Dynasty, only one thing came to his mind.

Reclaim the states!

He must wrestle control of the states from the nine vassal lords!

For this reason, he did not hesitate to give all that he had.

Now, at the end of his life…

Emperor Yuan met Lin Jiufeng.

Lin Jiufeng was outstanding and as young as ever, like a piece of jade.

And he was already old and ailing.

Lin Jiufeng walked to the bedside and slowly sat down.

He reached out to hold Emperor Yuan’s hand.

“I will save you,” Lin Jiufeng said firmly.

“Big Brother, I know my own condition. In exchange for strength, I have sacrificed too much of my life energy by practicing a demonic technique. Even the gods will find it difficult to save me by now.” Emperor Yuan shook his head.

Lin Jiufeng was speechless.

He could only activate the [Life Resuscitation Technique].

He spread his hands and injected True Qi into Emperor Yuan’s body.

The emerald green light of the Life Resuscitation Technique entered Emperor Yuan’s body and immediately began to repair his body.

Emperor Yuan’s pale face surprisingly slowly got better.

His breathing became much calmer.

Emperor Yuan looked at Lin Jiufeng, surprised. He grabbed Lin Jiufeng’s hand tightly.

Lin Tianyuan watched from the side, his eyes revealing how surprised he was.

“Sir, you are simply too powerful. You are actually able to save Your Majesty.” Lin Tianyuan praised him.

Emperor Yuan and Lin Jiufeng were both elated. But Lin Jiufeng was not as happy.

He looked at Emperor Yuan with sorrowful eyes.

Life Resuscitation Technique could not save Emperor Yuan.

It could only extend Emperor Yuan’s life for a particular period of time.

“Your body’s wheel of life had become too exhausted. My True Qi and technique can only extend your life for one month. After that, there is nothing that I can do,” Lin Jiufeng said with a pained look.

The requirement for the Life Resuscitation Technique to work was life.

Emperor Yuan had burned his life energy to its final vestiges, devoured by the demonic technique.

He had… he had no more life in him anymore.

Lin Tianyuan’s expression stiffened.

You can only extend his life for a month?

Emperor Yuan remained surprised.

He grabbed Lin Jiufeng with both his hands and whispered, “Big Brother, thank you.”

“When I was secretly cultivating that demonic technique, I have already given up on my life.”

“I should have died by now…”

“It is already a great blessing that big brother is able to extend my life for one month to deal with some of the aftermath and matters of the Yuhua God Dynasty.” Emperor Yuan was not disappointed.

Instead, he was grateful.

Lin Jiufeng stopped injecting his True Qi. Life Resuscitation Technique had extended Emperor Yuan’s life for one month.

Furthermore, his blood brother seemed more optimistic than him.

This lessened Lin Jiufeng’s guilt.

“Lin Tianyuan!” Emperor Yuan suddenly shouted.

Lin Tianyuan jolted and immediately said, “Here!”

He now held the position of the Grand Commander in the Imperial Army.

He gave close protection to His Majesty, ensuring Emperor Yuan’s safety.

He could be regarded as having rendered a great service.

Emperor Yuan looked at Lin Tianyuan with a serious expression.

“Kneel down in front of your Uncle!”

Lin Tianyuan looked at Emperor Yuan, shocked.


He couldn’t help but look toward Lin Jiufeng.

Yes, Lin Jiufeng was his uncle.

Real uncle.

But he had never greeted him as his uncle.

Because he was an illegitimate son, he could not enter the royal family’s genealogy.

Hence, he could never address Emperor Yuan as ‘Royal Father’.

When it was just the two of them, and there was no politics involved, only family matters, he could address him ‘Father’.

After he joined the court as a court official, he could only address him as ‘Your Majesty’ and regarded himself as the latter’s subject.

As for Lin Jiufeng, he always had Lin Tianyuan address him as Teacher.

Lin Tianyuan had gotten used to it.

He had thought it would be like this for the rest of his life.

He didn’t expect Emperor Yuan to allow him to address Lin Jiufeng as ‘Uncle’.

What did that imply?

Lin Tianyuan was smart, and he had figured it out.

Hence, he was shocked.

Extremely shocked.

After that brief moment of shock, he became scared.

He was afraid that Lin Jiufeng would not acknowledge him.

He looked at Lin Jiufeng, apprehensive.

Lin Jiufeng looked toward Emperor Yuan.

Emperor Yuan said softly, “Big Brother, I have laid the foundation for the reform of the Yuhua God Dynasty. If my successor fools around, my efforts over the years will go down the drain and Yuhua God Dynasty will slip into a deep abyss.”

“So, he is the successor that you’ve chosen?” Lin Jiufeng looked at Lin Tianyuan.

Unexpectedly, this kid who couldn’t even enter the royal family’s genealogy was chosen as the successor by Emperor Yuan.

“Yes, he will continue my hope to reform the world.” Emperor Yuan nodded his head.

“I hope Big Brother can lend him a hand at critical times.” Emperor Yuan pleaded.

Lin Jiufeng scanned Lin Tianyuan.

Lin Tianyuan was apprehensive, but he still stood up straight, letting Lin Jiufeng look at him clearly as he waited for the latter’s consent.

Without Lin Jiufeng’s consent, he didn’t dare to kneel down.

After staying together for 10 years, Lin Tianyuan understood Lin Jiufeng’s character and temper.

“Kneel down.” Lin Jiufeng nodded.

He had watched Lin Tianyuan grow up.

He was not a bad successor to the Yuhua God Dynasty.

He was definitely better than Emperor Yuan’s other princes

“Greetings to Uncle.” Lin Tianyuan knelt down solemnly and kowtowed.

“Greetings Royal Father.” Then, he kowtowed to Emperor Yuan.

And changed his form of address to him.

Instead of addressing him as ‘Your Majesty’, he changed it to ‘Royal Father’.

“Good. I believe that you can realize my dream and let the billions of people in the world live a good life.” Emperor Yuan revealed a smile. He felt relieved.

Now that he had finally chosen his successor, he could finally be at ease.

Otherwise, his struggles would have amounted to nothing.

“It’s just a pity that I have spent all my time and had to burn my entire life to reform the Yuhua God Dynasty, yet I didn’t even succeed in removing the vassals.”

Emperor Yuan appeared gloomy and helpless.

Lin Tianyuan said with certainty, “Royal Father, I will definitely succeed in removing the vassals.”

“You must not be too hasty, don’t follow my footsteps.”

“Although your Uncle had exterminated the nine Martial Sages in one stroke, the vassals still have the support of the demonic sects…”

“Those from the demonic sects have strange tactics, you have to stand firmly and fight them steadily.” Emperor Yuan shook his head. He finally realized that he had been too hasty in his plan to remove the vassals.

“If there’s anything you are unable to understand, go to your uncle…”

“He will give you pointers,” Emperor Yuan said to Lin Tianyuan.

“I understand.” Lin Tianyuan nodded firmly.

Lin Jiufeng looked at the pair of father and son.

He then said calmly, “One month is enough time for me to remove the vassals.”

“Big Brother!” Emperor Yuan looked at Lin Jiufeng, surprised.

He tried to stop Lin Jiufeng.


But Lin Jiufeng stood up and said,” Big Brother has never given you any gift.”

“This time, I will remove the vassals. It will be my gift to you.”

“I will do what you wanted to achieve!” Lin Jiufeng said in a loud voice.

Emperor Yuan looked at Lin Jiufeng, touched.

“Uncle, the nine vassals are backed by the demonic sects,” Lin Tianyuan said softly.

“They are just a bunch of worthless people!” Lin Jiufeng’s expression was indifferent.

After killing the nine Martial Sages in one stroke, Lin Jiufeng knew that he was already at the peak amidst this recovery of the world’s energies.

He wouldn’t say that he was invincible.

But if it was just removing the nine vassals.

They would be his gift for Emperor Yuan.

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