48 Hours a Day

Chapter 984 - The People You Look For
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Chapter 984: The People You Look For

Less than eight minutes into the game, Pandaren scored a goal, plunging the entire Singularity Bar into a sea of jubilation. Zhang Heng took advantage of the fans’ enthusiasm, causing most of the men in the bar to take off their shirts. Finally, he managed to lock onto three suspected targets.

Ranked highest to lowest possibility, there was; first, an office worker wearing a white shirt, drinking alone. His briefcase was between his back and the chair, and although he was relaxing in the bar, he seemed particularly concerned about the briefcase. With his back upright, he leaned as close as he could on the chair, ensuring no one would slip away with his bag away while he was drinking.

Then, there was this young woman in a red dress who sat in the corner. Bringing nothing with her, all she did was order a glass of juice, and she looked to be waiting for someone. During this time, several men attempted to chat her up, but she rejected them all.

As for the final suspect—an old man looking to be about 70 years old. He was also the oldest person in the whole bar. Dressed like an intellectual, he had been glancing around since he stepped into the bar. He was one of the few not paying attention to the ongoing match.

“Are you serious?” Feng Zi followed Zhang Heng’s gaze. “You’re more interested in an old man than me?”

“I said, I have some business to attend to first.”

Zhang Heng put down his beer glass.

“What’s the business? Are you planning to drag the poor old man out of the bar, all the way to where there is no one, and rob all of his belongings?”

“Something like that,” Zhang Heng replied.

After a pause, Feng Zi suddenly put on an over-the-top expression and let out an incredulous laughed.

“Aren’t you afraid? If you invite me to your home for the night, I might do the same to you,” Zhang Heng said.

“Hmm, that’s it? After thinking on it for so long, you’ve only managed to come up with the worst excuse for me to give up sleeping with you? I think you should just stop dreaming.”

Feng Zi put her thigh on Zhang Heng’s legs. She then stretched out her hands and stroked the latter’s chest, “Why do you think I come to this bar every night? Am I really here to look for someone to settle my physical needs? I have a pair of hands with me. What I am looking for is an adventure; an adventure that allows me to forget the smell of motor oil on my body and my mundane life. Can you give it to me?”

“If you are here to take risks tonight, then you might have come to the right place,” Zhang Heng said. “Do me a favor. Can you find a way to get the man in the white shirt over there to take off his shirt in ten minutes?”

“What is this? Is it a test?”


“Wow... It’s really not easy to sleep with you. I’m like a knight who wants to marry a princess. And now I’m going through layers of tests,” Feng Zi bit her lip and smirked. “But I’m willing to accept your challenge because it’s a piece of cake.”

Feng Zi put on her coat again and walked towards the office man with her beer glass. The two spoke for a while, but the office man shook his head. Feng Zi wasn’t angry but she then said something to the other men around her. After that, everyone started to cheer for him, and finally, the office man had to take off his shirt under peer pressure. After that, the two began to play the drinking game. Zhang Heng had witnessed Feng Zi’s alcohol tolerance, and even if she were placed among men, she could easily outdrink most. But at the end of the first round, she lost to the office man and took off her shoes.

Zhang Heng stopped looking at them afterward. He knew that Feng Zi could easily beat the office man. She lost the first game on purpose because she wanted to control the game’s flow, lower the opponent’s guard, and give her opponent false hope that he could win the game. Zhang Heng then focused on the old man on the other side.

He did not follow the order and check on the young woman in the red dress first because the next thing he was about to do did not apply to females. Zhang Heng moved behind the old man and waited patiently until a bartender passed by before he stretched his leg to trip the bartender.

The bartender lost his balance, spilling all the drinks on the tray onto the old man. Capitalizing on the chaos, Zhang Heng quietly left where he stood. By the time the bartender realized what happened, he had lost sight of the person that tripped him. On the other hand, the three glasses of beer had completely soaked the old man’s shirt.

At that time, the bartender wasn’t bothered to look for the culprit. The first thing that he did was to apologize to the old man quickly. The old man had a cool temper, and he did not blame the bartender for what happened to him, comforting the latter instead. It looked like he could not stay in the bar anymore. So, he grabbed the towel from the bartender, wiped his clothes, and left the bar.

Although Zhang Heng could not see his lower abdomen, the fact that he was leaving the bar meant that he was not the seller.

On the other hand, the battle between Feng Zi and the office man had already entered a white-hot stage. Judging from the clothes they had on them, it was apparent who the winner was.

Although Zhang Heng had seen the office man’s lower abdomen, Feng Zi had no intention of stopping the drinking game. It seemed she had gotten very excited, determined to make the office man take off every single piece of his cloth on his body.

Zhang Heng did not want to interrupt her. He had caught a glimpse of the office worker’s lower abdomen, and there was no Apollo tattoo on him. So far, two out of the three targets were eliminated. In other words, there was only one target left for him to check on.

Now that there were only less than five minutes left before the start of the transaction, Zhang Heng walked up to the woman in the red dress.

Before he started to talk, the latter said, “I know what you want to say, but I have already had a date tonight. So if you can let me be here alone, I will be very grateful...”

However, Zhang Heng did not leave her alone like other men. Instead, he pulled out the chair and sat down. The woman in the red dress shook her head, “Why bother? Doesn’t the lady over there like you very much? I saw she getting very close to you. You know she’s going to eat you up tonight. So why not go and look for her?”

“Because she is not the person I am looking for tonight,” Zhang Heng replied.

“And what makes you think that I am the person you are looking for?” the woman in the red dress asked.

“It’s up to you to tell me.” Zhang Heng said, “You said you are waiting for someone. When is your appointment time?”

“Why should I answer your question?” The red dress woman frowned.

“Because I want to know how long I can sit here. That’s not too much of a request, is it?” Zhang Heng said.

“The person is coming soon.”

The woman in the red dress crossed her arms.

After that, her gaze also fell on the Pandaren team’s championship clock, and the hands finally pointed at 6:45.

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