21st century Goguryeo

Chapter 358
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Chapter 358

November 15th, 2023, 19:00 (Kurdistan Standard Time 13:00)

Iran, West Azerbaijan, Marganbaset (the 7th mechanized infantry brigade, 75th mechanized infantry battalion’s location)

The 75th armored battalion that had destroyed the Iranian 1st revolutionary armored division’s 11th armored brigade and 5th revolutionary guard’s infantry battalion at Maku yesterday took a day off to conduct maintenance. Then, they joined forces with the Republic’s forces to occupy the cities one by one.

Three days later, the 75th mechanized infantry battalion moved along the roads of Koi and Maku to take back northern West Azerbaijan.

The Iranian military’s command was in shock from their crushing defeat at Maku and withdrew the surviving forces they had stationed at Bozark under the 1st revolutionary armored division to northern Karachihaden. The 11th mechanized infantry division started to form a defensive perimeter at the northern region of West Azerbaijan.

The 11th mechanized infantry division at Marand was sent in to reinforce them as well.

The 75th mechanized infantry battalion and the Republic’s defensive forces were able to easily occupy the empty cities of northern West Azerbaijan.

The 75th mechanized infantry battalion and the Republic’s defensive force’s division that had taken over Marganbaset this morning, took the day off to conduct maintenance before taking over their final goal of Karachihaden.

All the armored vehicles and tanks under the 75th mechanized infantry battalion took their well-deserved break and went under repairs after moving and battling within the desert for 10 days.

“Hey! Are you alright? How’s your chest?” Sergeant Hong Han-ho, the squadron commander, spoke while looking at the video call on his monitor.

The rest of the squad showed up on screen and started to greet him as well.

“Private Gwak, sir, are you alright?”

“He’s fine. Isn’t he?”

“Private Gwak! Come back after you’re well, yeah?”

“We miss you, sir!”

Private First Class Gwak Young-hwan, who was covered in white bandages, smiled brightly.

-I’m fine. Ha ha ha! Have you all been well?

Private Gwak Young-hwan, who had been hit by a railgun round from the battle at Maku, was sent to the rear to be treated by the medic battalion of the peacekeeping forces.

“That’s great, Private Gwak! Are you heading back home after being treated?”

-No, sir. I will return to our squad when I’m up to speed.

“Is that so? Were you ordered by people up top to do so?”

-No. I requested it, sir.

Corporal Kim Sung-ho, who was closest to Private First Class Gwak Young-hwan, interrupted the conversation, “Hey! You’re taking the whole military spirit seriously, aren’t you? Are you sure you’re not lying to us?”

-Ah! Come on, sir. I’m not like you!

“Good for you. You bastard! So when will you be back?”

-The doctor told me to stay here for a month.

“All right. Take care of yourself and we will see you soon!”

-Yes, please say hi to the rest of the platoon, and make sure your fiancée is safe and sound, sir.

“What! What the hell do you mean fiancée!”

-Oh, come on, sir? Everyone here at the infirmary heard the rumor.

“Hey! You son of a bitch! Stop spreading rumors.”

The 1st reconnaissance platoon’s 2nd squad, which was busy being in a constant battle against the enemy, used their time off to call Private First Class Gwak Young-hwan.

“Are we sure he is really injured? He doesn’t look like he is,” Private First Class Gwak Young-hwan’s cohort, grenadier Private First Class Na Han-jin spoke with an envious look on his face.

Sergeant Hong tapped his helmet and answered him, “Why? Are you jealous? Do you want me to break your shoulder bones so you can be sent to the rear?”

“He he, you know I don’t, don’t you, sir?”

“Now! Enough chit-chat, let’s get back to maintenance!”

When squadron commander Sergeant Hong Hyun-ho gave the order, the rest of the squad got off from the vehicle and started to make repairs.

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November 15th, 2023, 21:00 (Kurdistan Standard Time 15:00)

Iran, West Azerbaijan, west Koharan (the 7th mechanized infantry brigade 79th armored battalion’s location)

The 79th armored battalion under the 7th mechanized infantry brigade, which was dramatically rescued by the Peregrine Falcon choppers armed with TB-AHD weapons from being ambushed, took down the remaining Iranian militia at Koi for the past 5 days.

Then, the 79th armored battalion had taken over the areas near the city of Koi and Koharan and started to form a defensive line with the Republic’s defensive forces at West Azerbaijan.

The Iranian military’s two armored brigades under the 6th revolutionary guard’s armored division were hiding out in the small village of Eboli 30km away from Koharan. There were also two infantry divisions and militia hiding nearby.

The main mission of the Iranian forces was to take back Koi, but they were in a position where they could lose the city of Karachihaden to the Corean peacekeeping forces. The 6th revolutionary guard’s armored division could not move out from their position easily, so they waited for reinforcements to arrive.

However, the Iranian military could not afford to send in more reinforcements. Corea’s aerospace forces and the peacekeeping force’s reconnaissance units would detect the Iranian military’s movements. Corea’s 12th carrier strike group would send in their unmanned bombers to wipe them out despite being 2,200km away. The Iranian military had to move their forces in groups smaller than a company, so reinforcing the ones out in the field was slow.

The 79th armored battalion’s 1st armored company defended the southern region of Koi, and the 2nd armored company was moving along the northern region of Koharan.

Vroooooooooooom! Vroooooooooooom!

The armored vehicles’ engines were a bit softer compared to the tanks. These armored vehicles moved in a line with six self-propelled guns tailing them. The 7th mechanized infantry brigade’s 119th artillery battalion’s alpha company was following them.

The artillery company’s commander, Captain Kim Hun, walked up to the commanding officer of the 79th armored battalion and saluted.

“Sir! I am Captain Kim hoon from the 119th artillery battalion.”

“Captain! Welcome,” battalion commander Moon Gi-chul saluted back and shook the captain’s hand.

The 79th armored battalion had been tasked with defending the entire city of Koi, but they could not take down every single Iranian force being detected by their reconnaissance forces. The battalion could send in a platoon worth of armored forces to take them out, but there was always a possibility of it being a trap. Therefore, it was not easy to send in forces after them. It would also be a waste to request airstrikes from the 12th carrier strike group 2,200km away for such a measly force.

Thus, battalion commander Moon Gi-chul explained the need for artillery support and requested reinforcements. Finally, the 119th battalion’s alpha company with six self-propelled guns arrived.

The alpha company’s commander spoke with battalion commander Moon Gi-chul and gave his orders. The company started to move and got into a ‘W’ formation.

The C-9A1 Lightning was the refurbished version of the C-9 Thunderbolt. It was equipped with a CPP-50 plasma engine that boasted 2,500 horsepower and 155mm plasma cluster rounds. The C-9A1 was also equipped with anti-tank and anti-air missiles to battle the enemies independently and became the representative of Corea’s artillery forces.

Within a few minutes, the six C-9A1 Lightning self-propelled guns raised their guns at a 45-degree angle towards the sky. The artillery company’s C-51 radar armored vehicles and C-70T ammunition transport vehicles parked 30m behind them.

The alpha artillery company was ready to fire at their enemies at 16 rounds per minute as soon as they were given targets.

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November 15th, 2023, 22:00

The North State, Pyeong-yang, Sadong-ku, Namsan-dong, the NIS Pyeong-yang branch

Three days ago, the North Korean Foreign Intelligence Unit 1 was ambushed by thugs, but the NIS still could not find any more evidence of their whereabouts. It was as if they had vanished without a trace.

The targets were professionals. Team Leader Park Gi-oong and the agents from the Pyeong-yang branch went through their hideout for two days, but they ended up not finding any clues.

Assistant Manager Lee Hye-jin and the other agents under her went through every single camera footage within a 30km radius that was recorded on that day through hacking and looked over the targets’ movements. The area was rural Pyeong-yang so it lacked many security cameras, and few vehicles were equipped with dash cameras. However, even if the North Korean agents disguised themselves, there would always be a trace of them left behind.

Three days ago, the North Korean agents were found moving to Osan-dong on one of the security cameras after digging through three days’ worth of security camera footage. However, that was where their trail died off. The North Korean agents had not shown up on any security camera footage or dashcam footage near Osan-dong since.

-It seems they have moved towards Yong-gol Mountain.

Assistant Manager Lee Hye-jin’s voice came through the phone.

“Yes, it seems to be that way,” Team Leader Park Gi-oong glanced at the large screen on the wall while speaking on the phone.

-We are focusing our search near Yong-gol Mountain. I would like you to search with the agents at Pyeong-yang in the area. If they are not there, that must mean they are back in the city, so we will find them.

“Yes, I understand. I will conduct a night-time search near the mountain if necessary.”

-All right, be careful. I will contact you again soon.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Team Leader Park started a meeting with Team Leader Youn Tae-jin who had been listening to the conversation.

“Investigation Unit 3 says that the last place they saw the North Korean agents was at Osan-dong. Based on that, they think our targets are hiding out at Yong-gol Mountain. We must conduct a search in the area now.”

“That was three days ago. Do you think they are still at the mountains?”

Team Leader Youn Tae-jin shook his head.

“You could be right, too! But shouldn’t we do a search regardless?”

“Okay, let’s do this!”

“Great! I will request backup from the director. Prepare for a search with Chief Oh for me.”

“All right.”

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November 15th, 2023, 23:00

The North State, a warehouse in Pyeong-yang, Yongsung-ku, Imwon-dong

The North Korean Foreign Intelligence Unit 1’s agents were hiding out in a warehouse 5km south of Yong-gol Mountain.

Three days ago, they left their hideout and hid in the mountain, until Oh Ji-wan met with Jo Won-jin to find another hideout. However, it would be a shame to call the place a hideout. The building was nothing more than an old and collapsing warehouse.

At night the temperature would drop and chilling winds would blow through the cracks, turning the place cold as a fridge. The men attempted to withstand the cold with their coats and clothes, but it wasn’t easy.

“Captain! Let’s go to a motel or an inn nearby. I think I will freeze to death if we stay here any longer,” Gwon Hyuck-gyun, who could not handle the cold, spoke to the captain while shaking.

“Shut up! If we were caught while being out, then we are fucked! Stop saying nonsense and shut up already,” Kang Tae-woo shouted at him.

“Comrade Kang! I really think I will freeze to death.”

“Here, put this on.” Oh Ji-wan took off the coat he was wearing and handed it to Gwon Hyuck-gyun.

“Captain! What are you doing, sir? That bastard is just being soft.”

“Hey, Kang Tae-woo, stop scolding everyone. We only have three days left before the mission. If any one of us were to be sickly by then, that could cause issues, wouldn’t it? So just hold off for a bit longer. As soon as we are done with this, then all our troubles will be over. Understand?”

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