100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One

Chapter 735
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Chapter 735: Untitled

Mo Ye thought about it. “Maybe Kahn has it.”

He had originally wanted to get the antidote from Meng Lianying, but a lot of things happened after that and he did not have the chance to. Moreover, Eleven would not be happy if he continued to be in contact with Meng Lianying.

He did not want to do anything that would make Eleven unhappy. Bai Ye said that his master might be able to cure Eleven, so he was hopeful about it. He would not look for Meng Lianying unless he did not have any other choice.

“Forget it. It’s okay if we don’t have it. I can still save her,” Su Ruyu said calmly.

Mo Ye listened to her and heaved a sigh of relief.

Ye Wei raised her eyebrows. “Old Witch, the poison in Eleven’s body can still be controlled now. You can treat her after killing Kahn in case Daddy Mo can’t win against Kahn...”

She had not finished her sentence when Mo Shitian sneered as if she had said some joke. He had nothing to fear even if Kahn was a cyborg.

Su Ruyu said calmly, “Ignore him.”

“Master, I still have something that I haven’t told you about and I don’t know if I should tell you.” Eleven thought of Wolf and hesitated as she did not know if she should say it. She heard the butler mentioned some things in the past and knew about Fu Jin. He must be Wolf.

“What is it?”

“We met Wolf at the Death Island,” Eleven said. “Wei Wei and I even fought him. But, Ning Ning met with an accident, so we let him escape.”

Su Ruyu’s eyes darkened. Wolf... Fu Jin, her senior that she respected the most since young but turned out harming her. Her eyes were filled with hatred as she recalled the past. Mo Shitian asked solemnly, “Ruyu, Wolf is Fu Jin, right?”

Su Ruyu nodded and Mo Shitian sneered. He would take revenge on Fu Jin someday. Why did he not think that Wolf would be Fu Jin? He had heard about Wolf before. Moreover...

“Mo Ye, where is he?” Mo Shitian asked coldly.

Mo Ye and Mo Jue had stayed with him for a few years before joining the underworld. Mo Shitian did not care about their life and death at all. He gave them some connections and manpower, but it was up to their ability to be successful.

He had never cared about what the brothers did. There was once when his brothers mentioned that Mo Ye and Mo Jue knew Wolf, but Mo Shitian did not care as he thought that it was good that there was someone else to teach them.

Mo Shitian was a smart person and could guess what had happened in the past without Su Ruyu having to tell him. After the tragic incident had happened, he had already guessed that Fu Jin was the mastermind who also played a part in the Su family’s tragedy. After knowing that the two children were Ruyu’s children and not Ruhua’s, he had also guessed that Fu Jin was the one behind it. Fu Jin was with the Su sisters when they were giving birth at the hospital, so it was easy for him to do anything. He must have swapped the children and caused his family to be separated for so many years. Mo Shitian would not let him off.

“I don’t know!” Mo Ye said. “We never knew about his schedule unless he contacted us. He has not contacted us ever since the incident on Death Island. We don’t even know if he is dead or alive.”

Su Ruyu looked cold and said solemnly, “Let me know immediately when he contacts you. Is that understood?”


“I will look for him personally after this thing is settled. He is lucky for living an extra twenty years.” Mo Shitian sounded sinister and had a murderous look. Wolf, Fu Jin...

Everything happened because of him. Mo Shitian would not be able to appease his resentment if he did not kill Fu Jin.

Mo Jue hated Wolf too as he caused Xu Nuo’s death.

Mo Jue wanted to look for him to take revenge.

Ye Wei whistled. “I will let Chu Li send out a wanted order. I don’t believe that he can really hide from so many people searching for him.”

Su Ruyu sneered. “There’s no need to. Just let out the news that I’m in Riyadh and he will naturally come.”

Fu Jin would definitely come to Riyadh to look for her.

“Master, are you sure?” Eleven was worried. Kahn was already difficult to deal with. It would be more difficult if Wolf came too.

“Just do as I say,” Su Ruyu said.


“Master, are you going back to the island after settling this?” Ye Wei suddenly asked. She was the person-in-charge of training and needed to train the next batch of leaders for the Top Terrorist Organization.

“She’s not going back!” Mo Shitian said.

He wanted to stay in Riyadh’s home with Su Ruyu. Mo Shitian had always felt that it was their home.

“I want to go back,” Su Ruyu said solemnly. Su Ruyu glanced at him, and he stared back at her fiercely but did not say anything. He secretly swore that he would not let her leave again.

Mo Ye and Mo Jue were smart and did not say anything with regard to this topic. Although they hoped to stay with their parents when they were young and live harmoniously, it seemed like this wish would not be able to come true.

Mo Shitian would not welcome them.

He had been separated from Su Ruyu for so many years and finally reunited. He would definitely not let their sons ruin their time together.

“Eleven, let Su Man and Bai Ye come find me in the afternoon. I have some things to discuss with them.” Su Ruyu changed the topic and eased the tension between her and Mo Shitian.

Eleven nodded and knew that they wanted to talk about the poison.

“You guys can go back and discuss with Chu Li how to lure Kahn out,” Su Ruyu looked at the four children and said. She still wanted to spend some time with the Mo brothers, as if she could not have enough no matter how she looked at them.

However, the children seemed to be not used to it. Moreover, Mo Shitian’s expression was not good whenever they were around. She thought that the two children would definitely want to leave.

The two brothers nodded. Mo Jue went to help Ye Wei get up. He paused and suddenly said, “Mom, you should scold Dad for always shouting at us. It’s not as if we were picked from someplace.”

Ye Wei was taken aback.

‘Mo Jue beauty, you’re courageous for saying this!’

Eleven and Mo Ye seemed to be taken aback too. Mo Jue sounded childish. Su Ruyu was startled for a while. She could feel that between Mo Ye and Mo Jue, Mo Jue seemed to dislike her more.

But, he actually called her ‘mom’? She could not help but feel happy. Mo Shitian stared at Mo Jue whereas Su Ruyu smiled. “Don’t you know that he has a mental illness?”

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