10,000 Years In A Cultivation Sect: I Obtained A Powerful Technique From The Start

Chapter 278 - Bodies of Three Lifetimes, Transcendence Technique
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Chapter 278: Bodies of Three Lifetimes, Transcendence Technique

Using the same tactics against the enemy did not work this time around. However, Jiang Ming was not discouraged.

As his body suddenly trembled, the 48,000 pores all over his body spurted out rays of divine luminance, which formed into a picture of civilization. All of which came together to form a mighty river of history.

Jiang Ming stood in the middle.

One end of the river extended behind him, as if running through the infinite time and space of the past; while the other end extended in front of him, flowing towards the vast future.

In the infinite distance behind him, a figure suddenly emerged, pacing on the long river of history, rushing over quickly and finally landed behind the top of Jiang Ming’s head.

This person had a blurry figure, but was roughly the same as Jiang Ming. The figure gave off an immensely powerful aura, but was very strange at the same time. It was as if he was not existing in the present nor future, as if he came from ancient times across time and space.

“The Law of the Past? The incarnation formed by condensing the mighty power of the past?” Jun Sanqian paused for a moment and looked at it carefully, “By deducting the long river of history, once it transforms into the long river of time and space, only then that it becomes the real supreme law. Brother, your comprehensive ability is really terrifying!”

“It’s based on Hong Yi’s Holy Civilization Fist’s ability to absorb the resources of endless world civilization, coupled with my Return of Infinite Law Finger technique as well as the evolution of my inner world. I also merged it with the Incarnation Dao before being finally able to realize this Infinite Transcendence Technique!” Jiang Ming explained, “The ultimate goal was detachment. To detach oneself beyond the past, beyond the present and beyond the future. The Infinite Transcendence Technique integrates what we know, what we see, what we think and the likes to form a long river of history, between reality and illusion. The next step is to condense the body of the past, which represents everything that is known, and absorbs all the power of the past. ”

“Infinite Vessel Manipulation Technique and Infinite Transcendence Technique. These are the summary of my own insight, and also my way of Dao! Jiang Ming added, “Old Brother, how are these techniques of mine?”

“Transcendence! Detachment! Brother, you have really touched the threshold of transcendence!” Jun Sanqian nodded in admiration, “Especially the Infinite Transcendence Technique, has infinite possibilities. Perhaps, there’s really a chance for transcendence! In addition to the past body, there are also the present body and the future body, right?”

“Rightfully so!” The one who replied to him was the Past Body. His voice was very distant, as if the voice was transmitted over from a long time ago, hence filled with vicissitudes of life, “Please enlighten me!”

“Please!” Jun Sanqian turned slightly more serious.

“The past is history and it is the interpretation of civilization. I am the past, the history, and the civilization. I interpret the killing fist and kill all the past!” the Past Body explained as it lunged forward.

The past represented history. It was the cohesion of civilization, the accumulation of wisdom, the rotting of the past, the annihilation from withering and the burial by the darkness.

Jiang Ming took advantage of the situation to deduce the Killer Civilization Punch Technique. Concealed within the underlay of civilization was an infinite killer intent.


With a single punch, the Past Body sent void ripples that dispersed into millions of miles away, running through civilization with overwhelming killing intent. However, the two Dao fluctuations were properly merged together, allowing the punching technique’s might to continue rising.

However, Jun Sanqian was also extraordinarily powerful and was not afraid at all.

Divine luminance rushed into the sky with a boundless sword.

The barren planet under their feet could not carry the strength of the two of them, as it kept collapsing and scattered all over the place.

“What a Past Body!” The voice of Jun Sanqian exclaiming was heard, “The Past Body used the original body as resources. As long as the original body’s strength is sufficient, the Past Body can always be at its peak; As long as the real body doesn’t fall, the Past body will be able to continue existing.”

“That’s right!” Jiang Ming placed his hands behind his back, stood on the mighty river of history, and smiled, “This is the mystery of the technique that I’ve comprehended. Otherwise, what’s the point if it disappears as soon as it’s broken? Of course, this technique still has many flaws and it is not as mysterious as what you’ve just said. I’m the one who deduced this technique. Hence, if I am removed from the state of Infinite Transcendence Technique, this technique would’ve been naturally unraveled. Otherwise, shattering the long river of history beneath my feet will also reap the same result.”

“It’s not like your real body can’t fight! That’s too difficult!” Jun Sanqian said while fighting.

The formation array formed under his feet finally collapsed completely, turning into residual nuclei as they scattered in all directions, crushed into dust by the aftermath of the peerless energy and swept away.

The starry sky, which was seemingly vast, was existing between reality and illusion. Otherwise, who knew how many galaxies would’ve been shattered and how many stars would’ve been destroyed?

Such a battle was immensely terrifying.

Jiang Ming watched silently.

Jun Sanqian was truly worthy of being a gatekeeper, being so powerful and terrifying, as well as his sky-defying combat power.

What about Jiang Ming himself? Although he was in the Golden Immortal Realm, his origin and resources were no weaker than Jun Sanqian.

As for Jiang Ming’s special abilities? They were also incorporated with many laws, many powerful Daos and formed through absorbing the essence of special abilities from countless worlds. Hence, they would not be that weak.

In fact, the special abilities were the foundation towards his strength. Otherwise, walking solely on one path of Dao, he would have never been able to compete with the opponent even if his origin was sky defying.

“This is still not enough. It’s still a little lacking!” As Jiang Ming whispered softly, two clones appeared beside him and at the same time, evoked the Time and Space Confinement Technique.

The void trembled for a moment and came to a stop.

Jun Sanqian also realized the change in the void, but it was difficult to be too distracted when fighting with the Past Body. As a result, he was imprisoned for a brief moment.

Even if it was just that brief instant, who knew how many thousands attacks existences like them could have been evoked?


As the blow landed, even with Jun Sanqian’s terrifying physique-protecting special abilities and his extremely strong physical body, he still couldn’t withstand the boundless killing intent embodied in the fist. Hence, the fist directly annihilated his physical body, will and destroyed his soul. In the end, his body cracked and his primal spirit was annihilated.

Jun Sanqian finally died.

As Jiang Ming went forth into level 3, the two came face to face with each other again.

“While maintaining the Infinite Transcendence Technique to use your Past Body to attack, you can even evolve another clone to attack…” Jun Sanqian sighed repeatedly, “Based on the normal circumstances, such peerless special ability must have many limitations to it. Once evoked, it’s supposed to be very difficult for the main body to split his focus, let alone condensing another clone. Yet, you managed to do it with ease.”

“I’m just taking advantage of the inner world!” Jiang Ming laughed.

Just like what Jun Sanqian said, if it was someone else, it would be impossible to pull this off at all. It would have already been great to be able to maintain the Past Body using all the person’s strength.

However, Jiang Ming had an inner world.

His divine soul and will was sky-defying strong, along with the 3,000 laws merging into one, which was equivalent to the capability of dividing into 3,000 separate wills. Such power was almost endless, which made him even more terrifying.

Of course, it was almost impossible for other experts with inner worlds to achieve such a level. After all, who could be as abnormal as him?

Not only did he have the system, he also received the inheritance of the Supreme Pagoda and had contacts with the beneficiaries of both the Lord God Space and Reincarnation Hall.

“With your inner world as foundation, you managed to deduce such terrifying combat tactics and even played around with them to such an extent. It’s not something you can easily find in the world!” Jun Sanqian said with a smile, “Come on! Let me see all that you’ve got?”

“Alright!” Jiang Ming was naturally ready for it.

Their great battle ensued.

Unsurprisingly, Jun Sanqian still died in the hands of the Past Body and two clones. This continued on until level 5 before such tactics had finally lost its effectiveness.

However, Jiang Ming had conjured ten clones this time around.

The ten avatars evoked their strongest Time Space Concealment Technique at the same time. Such a feat was Jiang Ming’s current limit.

If he were to conjure more clones, his inner world would not be able to keep up as the consumption would be too immense.

In fact, such a situation would only happen within the Battle Tower. If he were to try it in the outside world, such a great battle would have caused his inner world to collapse for sure. However, Jiang Ming had always stored a large amount of the power of origin that had been tempered, just in case the consumption turns out unexpectedly too much.

It was because he clearly knew the meaning of ‘don’t discuss victory before considering defeat’. And this was the way to live in this world.

Upon reaching level 7, Jiang Ming finally had to conjure his Present Body.

The present. It was not pertaining to the past, nor the future. With hundreds of millions of great powers attributed to the self suppressing the present, one could become invincible in the present world and the only one.

The Past Body when coupled with the Present Body were powerful enough to shock even Jun Sanqian as he could not withstand it at all.

It was not long before Jiang Ming was able to make it to level 9.

“What an Infinite Transcendence Technique!” Jun Sanqian sighed with lament, “By using your inner world as a support, you are not afraid of the consumption; With the Past Body being the accumulation of power from the past civilization coupled with the Present Body suppressing the present, your technique is not of the ordinary power. I fear that I won’t be able to even make you reveal your Future Body.”

“Are you talking about the Future Body? Old Brother, I was able to deduce to such a level from this round of cultivation retreat.” Jiang Ming smiled, “When all three bodies have appeared, only then will this special ability of mine become worthy of being a small success.”

“When you say that it is but only a small success, I agree with you!” Jun Sanqian nodded, he naturally saw the great potential for Jiang Ming’s special ability to grow further. In fact, its potential was very terrifying indeed.

“Let’s get on with it!”


The two went on with their fights again.

The Jun Sanqian who was on level 9 of the Sixth Battle Tower was so powerful that even Jiang Ming’s heart trembled.

If he hadn’t comprehended such heaven-defying special abilities such as the Infinite Transcendence Technique, he would have had to do all he could in order to defeat his opponents.

However, what had it become now?

“The fist of history suppresses the past; the fire of civilization destroys the traces of the past.”

The Past Body existed between reality and illusion, existed in the past, and was drifting in the long river of history. However, the power that erupted was amassed with extreme killing intent.

“Three Thousand Cataclysm Fingers, where the first finger destroys the body, the second finger destroys the soul, and the third finger destroys the mind!”

The Present Body was even more domineering. With the Return of Infinite Law Finger as the foundation, he merged with the true Sambohdha of Civilization, condensed the sharpness of history, accommodated all power in his finger and struck it at its sharpest.

As the third finger was pointed out, it was an attack that focuses on one’s vital essence and spirit. Hence, if the person could not withstand such an attack, he would definitely disintegrate. That was how domineering the Present Body was.

Whenever the attack was evoked, there was absolutely no room for leeway from it. Even so, Jiang Ming didn’t give up just yet. There were five clones on his left, evoking Time and Space Confinement Technique, and another five clones on his right, evoking the Infinite Vessels Manipulation Technique simultaneously.

Because Jiang Ming had to support the outburst of explosion from so many kinds of special ability, the face of his real body turned pale as his aura suddenly fell to a chilling point.

“Brother, you are cheating!” Jun Sanqian cried out in grief and was bombarded to death on the spot.

Jiang Ming let out a sigh of relief, but sighed softly, “This is almost the freezing point that I can endure. The inner world has its limits after all.”

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