100% Love from the Boss

Chapter 405 Hand in the Financial Power
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Chapter 405 Hand in the Financial Power

After Ling Tianyi and Xia Xiaoluo bought the soy-braised pork, they came back to the hospital exactly when Yao Sheng was sent out from the emergency room. Yao Sheng was strong enough and the first-aid was in time. Therefore, Yao Sheng was out of danger even though he didn’t wake up.

“There is nothing serious. He is sleeping now. We need to observe him for several days after he wakes up. He can be discharged from hospital if there is no pulmonary infection or fever.” The attending doctor said.

“OK!” Ling Tianyi nodded, and then he continued to ask, “Doctor, is there anything we should pay attention to after my friend is sent to the ICU?”

“Manager Ling, don’t worry. The patient’s condition is stable, so there is no need for him to go to the ICU. We will send him to a public ward for distinguished patients on the 8th floor. I guess that he will wake up in 2 or 3 hours. At that time, we will hold a consultation for him again.” The doctor said with a smile. Actually, he was relaxed. According to his experience, Yao Sheng was okay. However, it was a hospital for the distinguished people, and the patients there were all rich or powerful. Therefore, the doctor decided to observe Yao Sheng for some days. It was always right to be careful.

“That’s good! We are at ease now.” Ling Tianyi sighed a relief.

“By the way, Manager Ling, I have something to tell you!” The doctor couldn’t help frowning when he saw the soy-braised pork in Ling Tianyi’s hands.

“Well! Go ahead!” Ling Tianyi didn’t want to miss any details about Yao Sheng.

“After the patient wakes up, you should pay attention to his eating. Due to vomiting water and other symptoms caused by drowning, his lungs and gastric mucosa were damaged. Therefore, let him eat something light, such as the porridge and noodles. And then let him eat common food gradually. As for the soy-braised pork in your hands, don’t give it to the patient now, because it will prevent him from recovering.” The doctor was afraid that Ling Tianyi would let Yao Sheng eat something improper, which would influence the recovery of the patient. The doctor was responsible for it, so he must tell Ling Tianyi what he should say.

“Well, I see!” Ling Tianyi said, and then he threw the soy-braised pork in the rubbish bin, “He isn’t lucky enough to eat it!”

“Well, I will go to do my work. If Manager Ling needs me, ask somebody to call me at once or press the beeper in the ward!” The doctor had much work to do, so he couldn’t accompany Ling Tianyi anymore.

“Darling, we have made efforts to buy the soy-braised pork. Why did you throw it away?” Xia Xiaoluo patted Ling Tianyi’s back, and she seemed unhappy.

“Now that Yao Sheng can’t eat it, I just throw it away!” Ling Tianyi said, “If Yao Sheng wakes up and smells the soy-braised pork, he will definitely eat it. Nobody is able to stop him. So don’t seduce him, because he can’t control himself.”

Shen Jiani finally relaxed because Yao Sheng was okay. Although he didn’t wake up, he was just sleeping instead of being in a coma.

Following Yao Sheng, Shen Jiani entered the ward. She kept sitting at the bed, holding Yao Sheng’s hands to accompany him. She hoped that she could be the first person that Yao Sheng saw when he woke up. What was more, she also hoped that the first sentence that Yao Sheng heard after he woke up was her expression of love to him.

Ling Tianyi arranged some nursing workers to look after Yao Sheng, because he thought that Shen Jiani wasn’t reliable. Others were all couples that would get married soon, so they had no time to stay in the hospital. Ling Tianyi was newly-married, so he didn’t want to stay in the hospital all the time. Now that Yao Sheng was okay, after he woke up, Ling Tianyi would enjoy the romance together with Xia Xiaoluo. What was more, Taotao would return to school soon as well.

“Do we need to inform Yao Sheng’s parents?” Xia Xiaoluo asked.

“Don’t do that. Yao Sheng’s parents are always away from him. When he had car accident last time, his mother cried much. Now that there is nothing serious now, don’t tell them about it.” Ling Tianyi said. He had already made the preparations. If something bad really happened to Yao Sheng, Ling Tianyi would admit his fault and ask for punishment from Yao Sheng’s parents. The accident happened on the cruise ship where he held his wedding, so he was responsible for it. However, if Yao Sheng was okay, Ling Tianyi didn’t want to spread the news. Because it wasn’t honorable to commit suicide by jumping into the sea due to the love affairs.

“Chu Wei!” Ling Tianyi called Chu Wei who was asked to see a movie by Ling Tianxue, “Make some arrangements and ask the people on the ship not to spread the news. Tell other people that Yao Sheng fell into the sea by accident. Don’t talk about the suicide by jumping into the sea, because it would hurt Yao Sheng’s reputation.”

“OK, I see. Manager Ling, don’t worry. I will arrange it!” Chu Wei said seriously.

“Chu Wei, you have registered for marriage with Tianxue, so it’s not good if you still call me Manager Ling. You have two choices. You can call me ‘Brother’ together with Tianxue. You are elder than me, so if it’s difficult for you, you can call me ‘Yi’ directly. Anyway, don’t call me ‘Manager Ling’ anymore!” Ling Tianyi said. He did not like Chu Wei’s politeness. Chu Wei’s respectful attitude made him uncomfortable.

Chu Wei smiled, and then he changed into a relaxed expression, “Yi, don’t worry about my ability. Leave it to me and I will make it.”

“Nice!” Ling Tianyi patted Chu Wei’s shoulders. He liked such relaxing conversations very much.

“As for Chu Tong’s affairs, don’t be too sad. I will attend the funeral.” Ling Tianyi said. He knew that Chu Tong was the only relative of Chu Wei. Although Chu Tong was totally wrong, Chu Wei would be sad about his younger brother’s death.

“He made too many mistakes, so I won’t hold a funeral for him. I will bury him by myself. It’s enough. Don’t worry about it.” Chu Wei was still sad when he mentioned Chu Tong’s death.

“I will accompany you.” Ling Tianxue said.

“Look at her. She never treats me so gently.” Ling Tianyi shook his head, “Tianxue, your wedding should be held as soon as possible! Our family treat you as the same as me, so your wedding won’t be inferior than mine!”

“Brother, I won’t hold my wedding on the sea. If someone commit suicide by jumping into the sea, it will be unlucky!” Ling Tianxue rolled her eyes. But she won’t let Ling Tianyi go easily, “I want to hold my wedding in the air! On a large balloon!”

Ling Tianyi burst into laughter, and then he looked at Chu Wei who was a little awkward. After a long time, Chu Wei said to Ling Tianxue, “Darling, I’m afraid of height! I’m sorry. I really want to meet your requirement, but I.... if we are on a balloon, I’m afraid I can do nothing. What’s more, I can say nothing. It’s already difficult for me to stand on it.”

“Never mind. Never mind. I’m playing a joke with my brother! Let’s go to the amusement park. I like the happy atmosphere there. I will ask my brother to book the whole park. Let’s hold a party under the Ferris wheel. At that time, our guests can have fun as they like. Now that you are afraid of height, I won’t take you to the rolling coaster. Let’s play on the merry-go-round.” Ling Tianxue said hurriedly.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you are afraid of height?” Ling Tianxue asked.

“I’m afraid that I will lose face!” Chu Wei shrugged his shoulders, “Although I’m afraid of height, I will accompany you to play the rolling coaster for one time if you like it. Only for one time.”

“Go home now! A wedding in the amusement park? It’s a nice idea. You go home and tell our parents about it. I agree at it.” Ling Tianyi said, and then he sent Ling Tianxue and Chu Wei to the elevator.

“I like a wedding in the amusement park as well!” Xia Xiaoluo sighed.

“Well, let’s hold a party for the first anniversary of our marriage in the amusement park!” Ling Tianyi took Xia Xiaoluo back to the ward. He made all the relatives and friends leave, so there were only them and Shen Jiani in the ward now.

Finally, Yao Sheng woke up at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. He saw Shen Jiani at the first glance, “Jiani..., Jiani...”

“Yao Sheng, I love you! I want to marry you!” Shen Jiani said excitedly. She burst into tears again, but it was because of the excitement and happiness.

“I... did I die? Am I in the heaven now?”


Yao Sheng was excited. Shen Jiani said that she loved him and she wanted to marry him. Such a piece of good news wouldn’t be real. It could only happen in the heaven.

“You bastard. You did so many evil things, so you will only go to hell after dying. You won’t go to the heaven.” Ling Tianyi ridiculed, but he was happy in his heart.

“Cough! I... I’m still alive?” Yao Sheng suppressed his cough and asked.

“Sure. You won’t die easily because I’m with you. I jumped into the sea to save you almost at the cost of my life.” Ling Tianyi rolled his eyes.

Yao Sheng ignored Ling Tianyi, and he just looked at Shen Jiani. He coughed again and tried his best to sit straight.

“Lie down. You just wake up, so don’t force yourself!” Shen Jiani helped Yao Sheng to lie down.

Yao Sheng looked at Shen Jiani, and he couldn’t believe it. He still remembered clearly that Shen Jiani refused his proposal. He was so heartbroken that he jumped into the sea for relief. However, he really heard that Shen Jiani loved him and she wanted to marry him just now.

“Jiani, did he threaten you?” Yao Sheng asked.

When Yao Sheng had the car accident last time, Ling Tianyi threatened Shen Jiani to look after him and accompany him all day long. Although Shen Jiani didn’t tell him about it, Yao Sheng knew it clearly, because he was a detective. He felt distressed, but he didn’t blame Ling Tianyi for it. Because he couldn’t survive it without Shen Jiani’s accompanying him those days.

However, he was worried about the woman he loved as well. He didn’t hope that Shen Jiani would be wronged. He wanted her love. But what he wanted was her true love instead of her pity after being threatened.

“No, Yao Sheng, nobody threatened me!” Shen Jiani was sad. She wondered why Yao Sheng was so hopeless towards her. What did she do on earth? She said that she loved Yao Sheng, but he didn’t believe it at all. She must explain it to Yao Sheng clearly. She had to let Yao Sheng know about her difficulties as well as her love.

“Yao Sheng, listen to my serious words now. Nobody threatened me. I really love you and I want to marry you. I want to be with you forever.” Shen Jiani held Yao Sheng’s hands, and her tone was serious.

“Jiani, I...” Yao Sheng was so excited that his eyes were full of tears.

“Well, we will leave now. Talk with each other as you like! Call me if something happens. The nursing workers outside will follow your orders at any time!” Ling Tianyi said, and then he took Xia Xiaoluo to leave the ward. He didn’t want to stay there anymore.

“Yao Sheng, I love you. You always bothered me in the past, so I hated you at that time. Therefore, I couldn’t figure my love out. I love you, but I didn’t know that I have fallen in love with you!”

“At the moment you jumped into the sea, I was astonished. I was afraid that you would disappear in my life. I regretted and I was guilty as well. If I agreed at your proposal for marriage in the morning, everything would be different.”

“Yao Sheng, please believe in me. Nobody threatened me. I really love you!”

Shen Jiani said those words while crying. Every word was sincere and she only hoped that they two could be together happily.

“I love you, Jiani, I love you. Don’t blame yourself. I’m okay now. If I had known that you loved me before, I wouldn’t have jumped into the sea. I would live happily, continuing going after you.” Yao Sheng had mixed feelings.


“Yao Sheng, I threw the wedding ring into the sea, so you have to buy me another one. I want a better and more beautiful one.” Shen Jiani said.

“Sure. Sure!” Yao Sheng became excited, “Let’s go. I’m okay now. Let’s leave the hospital now! Let’s buy the ring at once. Although I’m not so rich as Ling Tianyi, I have much money. Just pick up what you like. Besides the ring, I can buy you earrings, necklaces, clothes, bags, no matter what you like!”

“No, no..., I will give you my bank cards as well. My money is yours and I’m also yours. Let’s go home first. I will hand in my financial power. I’m so happy!”

Yao Sheng was happy when he thought of it. As long as he could marry Shen Jiani, he would wake up in the dreams because of joy. It was worthy of doing anything for the sake of Shen Jiani.

“You can’t leave the hospital now. If you love me, if you are willing to let me dispose your money and yourself, you must listen to me now. You can only leave the hospital when I agree at it. You can only buy another ring for me when I allow you to do it. Can you make it?” Shen jiani asked.

“Yes!” Yao Sheng lay down obediently at once, and he dared not to move casually.

“By the way, Jiani, you said that you hated me before. I want to know what mistake I have made. I will definitely correct the mistakes. Tell me now!” Yao Sheng asked.

“Well, I will tell you now. You were really wrong! But I chose to forgive you. So, don’t think too much after you know it.” Shen Jiani said.

“I see. Just tell me about it. I will make up for it with my love. But I need to know what mistake I have made.” Yao Sheng said.

Shen Jiani took a deep breath, she decided to talk about her miserable experience when she was young. It was a tragedy caused by Yao Sheng.

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