100% Love from the Boss

Chapter 33 A Meal Ruined her Assets
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Chapter 33 A Meal Ruined her Assets

Seeing Ling Tianyi ignored her, Xia Xiaoluo kept making up.

“So sorry! It’s my fault, and I shouldn’t sell what you bought for me. Therefore, I cooked a table of dishes to apologize. You won’t be too mean, will you?” Xia Xiaoluo sincerely apologized. Although she was often a stubborn person, after all she grew up in a family like hers, knowing that “beggars can’t be choosers”, and when she thought about it, she realized she did something wrong.

Ling Tianyi was a person who could be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force. Seeing her sincerity, he was not that angry anymore. Now that the dinner was ready, he had better give it a try. If it were too bad, they could go to the western restaurant he reserved before.

The dishes included Tomato Slices with Sugar, Stir Fried Potatoes with Vinegar, Fried Bean Sprouts, Tiger-Skin Green Peppers, and Chinese Cabbage and Tofu Soup.

Looking at those poor dishes without any meat, Ling Tianyi put on his long face and said, “This is the dinner you cooked? Do you think I’m a rabbit?”

“Actually, vegetables are not bad. I’m quite good at cooking, and these four dishes are absolutely delicious. Just give it a try!” When she said, she gave him a pair of chopsticks.

Ling Tianyi tasted them one by one, and he was surprised that the little girl was talented in cooking. It seemed that he could eat more at home.

“Well, the dinner is OK.” He barely praised her, for it was not easy for him to praise anyone.

“Of course, I’m a great cook!” Xia Xiaoluo immediately became proud of herself, with the dimples on her face.

“Great cook? You’re not modest at all! Great cook can only cook such dishes?” Ling Tianyi said that because he wanted to know how many dishes the little girl could cook on earth, and whether she could cook meat. He didn’t want to be a rabbit every day.

“I’m out of money today. I can’t buy many materials. They cost a lot.” Xia Xiaoluo was very upset.

“Oh? How much did you spend today?” Ling Tianyi was interested in that, for he always cared about the stock price, but never cared about food prices.

“A total of eleven yuan and ninety cents. Today is my treat. The food is bought and cooked by myself. Just take it as an apology. You won’t hold a grudge, will you?” She asked carefully.

“You spent so little to give me a treat? Do you know how much I’m worth?” He said with scorn.

“It doesn’t worth much in your eyes, but it’s all I’ve got. I only have 12 yuan in coin, and it was saved before. I even can’t buy pure water. Cooking for you cost almost all my money, and I only have ten cents left. My sincerity is more precious than money!” Xia Xiaoluo took out a ten-cent coin from her pocket and held it in her hand.

Her careless words made Ling Tianyi moved. Although he had tasted table delicacies from land and sea, this was the first time he had had a treat from someone who ruined all her assets. All of a sudden, he thought those cheap dishes were very delicious. He liked that feeling!

All the dishes were finished. Xia Xiaoluo cleaned up and put away dishes, and sat on the couch in the living room watching soap operas, which started at 8 o’clock.

After dealing with several emails, Ling Tianyi sat down by her side and pulled her in his arms. He took out a bank card, “Take this. I think there is a million in this card. Not so much. It’s just my pocket money previously, and now it’s yours! The code is my birthday.”

“What?” Xia Xiaoluo was surprised.

“What what? If you dare to sell the things I bought for you on the Internet, I’ll punish you.” Recalling the chat history he saw just now, he was mad.

“I’ll never do that again. Do you forgive me?” Taking the bankcard, Xia Xiaoluo asked in fear.

“Seeing you’ve ruined all your assets, I forgive you this time.” Ling Tianyi had eaten the food cooked by her, and he didn’t want to blame her anymore.

Holding the remote control and switching the channels with no purpose, he said slowly, “You have money now. Don’t always buy cheap food. Buy delicious food. Don’t save money for me. Just tell me if you’re out of money, or I’ll ask my secretary to fund tens of millions yuan into this card.”

“Use this money to buy food! When can I use it up?” Xia Xiaoluo said and thought she could never use it up in her life.

“Idiot, I didn’t say you must use all this money to buy food. You’re my wife now, and you shouldn’t look too shabby! You can buy whatever you want when you go shopping, but don’t buy things from street stalls.” He was afraid that she would take his card and buy a ten-yuan T-shirt. If she did that, he would be driven mad.

“The new term is going to begin. Dwichen’s College is a high-level exclusive school, and there are a lot of things you need to pay for there.” Ling Tianyi didn’t like students who make a comparison between each other, but he wouldn’t hope his little wife get teased in the college.

“What? The new term is beginning?” Xia Xiaoluo was extremely unwilling to go to school. She didn’t like to study when she was a child. She thought she could go to work after graduating from high school, but Ling Tianyi changed this plan. She had to go to school reluctantly, and it suddenly became a big matter for her.

Looking at the calendar on his phone, Ling Tianyi said, “You still have a week of freeness. Your school registration is on next Wednesday, and I have arranged Xia Youfeng to take you there.”

“Him? Is he willing to? In fact, I can handle it on my own.” Xia Xiaoluo went to school when she was a child, and Xia Youfeng never took care of her.

“He must.” Ling Tianyi said indifferently. He had commanded Xia Youfeng a few days ago, and he did agree. Through Yao Sheng’s investigation, he had known all about the tragedy she encountered when she grew up. Therefore, he asked Xia Youfeng to accompany Xia Xiaoluo to do the registration.

In fact, if he didn’t have to keep their relationship secret, he might take her there in person. Although he could interfere with her study through the administrative part of the college, they just took her as his relative and would not do an in-depth investigation. However, if he sends and picks up her there frequently, gossips will come out.

“I’ve told principal, and you can study in the Chinese Department. Just study hard. If I hear you misuse idioms again, or your words fail to express what you mean, you know the consequence of that.” He felt embarrassed when he recalled the scene she used a wrong idiom.

“But, I’m born stupid, and I won’t be good at learning.” She hated to go to school. Her study was bad during her growth from a child to an adult, and her family didn’t care about her, in that she just got 250 points in the college entrance examination.

“I don’t care if you’re stupid or lazy. You must do your best because I’ve arranged the best college for you. I’ll keep an eye on your performance. Anyway, you must be careful.” This was his command. He was an excellent student, so he would never allow his wife to be a bad one.

“May I learn some handicraft skills such as cooking and cosmetology, instead of going to that exclusive school?” She had thought about this before: first working to earn a living, and then learning a skill to open a shop and making money on her own.

“I’ve told you, you must go to the Chinese Department of Dwichen’s College. There is no room for discussion.” Pinching her little chin, Ling Tianyi didn’t understand why this little girl always disobey what he said.

“I see.” Xia Xiaoluo clearly knew that there was no way for her to resist.

“Mmm!” He kissed her thin lips. After all, today was Chinese Valentine’s Day, and he didn’t want to have conflicts with her anymore.

“Baby, your dinner is not bad. This is your reward.” He said intimately.

He had prepared a Valentine’s Day gift, but he didn’t take out because he was really mad at her after coming back home.

“What reward?” Her eyes widened.

“What do you want?” Ling Tianyi raised his eyebrows.

“Can you...can you... don’t make me go to that school?” She implored.

“No, you must. If you dare to skip one lesson, I’ll teach you ten lessons on the bed, and after that, you won’t skip anymore.” Ling Tianyi threatened her with a kidding. Was there a way that she could avoid going to school? No.

He took out a delicate blue velvet box, “Take it, this is the gift for you!”

Xia Xiaoluo opened it, and it was a watch. Ling Tianyi squinted at her, “Patek Philippe’s limited edition. Do you like it?”

“I like it!” Xia Xiaoluo said yes but meant no. She didn’t know any brand-name or limited edition. She just knew that everybody used mobile phones to tell time. Who wore a watch now? That expensive Patek Philippe’s limited watch was doomed to be forgotten and put away in the corner by its master.

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