100% Love from the Boss

Chapter 29 You’re too Kind
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Chapter 29 You’re too Kind

As expected by Ling Tianyi, Xia Youfeng and Zhu Yufen were searching for Xia Xiaoluo all over the world. Finally, they found her living in the presidential suite of Hously Hotel together with Ling Tianyi. Xia Youfeng and Zhu Yufen braced themselves to come over here. Of course, they also brought about her suitcase, which was thought about by her.

Both Xia Youfeng and Zhu Yufen were obsequious with Xia Xiaoluo and Ling Tianyi, trying to butter them up. They did so for they had two purposes, namely, first and foremost, they wanted to have Ling Tianyi forgive the Xia family and Xia Jingru; secondly, they hoped Huasheng Group, owned by Ling Tianyi, would invest in You Feng Real Estate Group.

Regardless of what they were talking about, Xia Xiaoluo just opened her suitcase and turned searched in it to find an old iron box. Finding it remaining intact, she took a sigh of relief and finally set her mind at rest.

“Oh, emm... What did you say?” Xia Xiaoluo remembered there were her father and her stepmother rattling on about something for quite a while.

Xia Youfeng and Zhu Yufen looked at each other, exchanging their idea. What they said just now may possibly be equal to nonsense. The damn girl did not listen to them totally. The couple was so irritated. In the past, they would have definitely beaten Xia Xiaoluo up. But, at present, they could do nothing to blame her but endure her impoliteness, for she would be Mrs. Ling, the hostess of Huasheng Group. They had to smile pleasantly to her.

Zhu Yufen took a deep breath and then squeezed out a flattering smile. “Xiaoluo! We all knew about the whole story. It’s your sister who should be to blame. I have already scolded her to death and she already knew she was wrong. I apologize for representing her. We won’t let such things happen once more! Your sister knew that she was totally wrong, but she was so embarrassed to visit, so she escaped to the Maldives.”

Zhu Yufen knew that it was impossible to gloss over her daughter’s tracks, so she simply put it to be clear. Ling Tianyi took a seat on the sofa when coming out from the bathroom of the suite, witnessing what happened just now. He thought the woman was so shrewd.

“Xiaoluo, we knew that you are always being very kind when you were a little girl. You will not harbor a hatred for your sister, won’t you? After all, you’re sisters, and you two need to support each other in the future, right?” Zhu Yufen continued to rattle on.

Ling Tianyi could not help interrupting her, “Xiaoluo is about to be Mrs. Ling. So, why does she still need any support from her sister, who is so brutal and cold-blood? May I understand in this way that you actually look down on me? Or, do you think I am not able to be back for my wife?”

Ling Tianyi was putting too much pressure on her with such fierce words, giving Zhu Yufen a nasty shock. Xia Youfeng quickly smiled apologetically, saying, “It’s a misunderstanding! Xiaoluo is so fortunate to be taken good care by you, and we don’t worry about her at all. My wife has always been a forthright and outspoken person, supposing that both Xiaoluo and Jingru are blood sisters. They should never be in contact with one another for such petty thing.”

“Do you ever worry about Xiaoluo? If so, how can she live in the shantytown?” said Ling Tianyi, choking Xia Youfeng’s words. Besides, Ling Tianyi would not tend to let them pass. “Just now, Mr. Xia mentioned the phrase ‘petty thing’. So, in your opinion, it is defined as ‘petty thing’ by your Excellency?”

This time, it was Xia Youfeng’s turn to get a really nasty shock. And it’s Zhu Yufen’s turn to do the mediator job. “President Ling, in fact, it’s the business between the two sisters. So, why not let they deal with it all by themselves? No matter it’s a big or petty thing. In the past, Xiaoluo and Jingru used to have quarrels, but they would definitely make it up in the end.

Giving a snort of contempt, Ling Tianyi looked at Xia Xiaoluo, who remained in silence. “Babe, how do you think of it? I will respect your decision, though I am your fiancé.”

Although Ling Tianyi said so, he actually had kept that in mind and was determined not to forgive Xia Jingru no matter what decision Xia Xiaoluo would make. He will definitely wreak vengeance on Xia Jingru if there is any chance.

“Since my parents have said so, then you should have Xia Jingru promise not to do it again. I forgive her this time, but I won’t be soft on her if she will bully me again.” Xia Xiaoluo’s words gave Xia Youfeng and Zhu Yufen a sigh of relief. But, Ling Tianyi scolded Xia Xiaoluo as a cretin to himself so angrily.

Xia Xiaoluo was such a girl who was open to persuasion, but not to coercion. If someone would treat her so bad, like beating her up, then Xia Xiaoluo would definitely fight back as if she were brave a lion. But, on the contrary, if someone might talk to her earnestly and tenderly, then she would be so patient and kind to reach a compromise, even if she was once full of grievances. Moreover, Xia Xiaoluo supposed that she had managed to escape this time and had her stuff back. Hence, there was nothing to be to blame for.

Ling Tianyi felt a tightness in the chest, but he was reluctant to vent his anger on Xia Xiaoluo, thus shouting at Xia Youfeng and Zhu Yufen, “Xiaoluo has already forgiven you all, so get out! Or, you are still waiting for me to see you off personally?”

Xia Youfeng and Zhu Yufen were so scared that they rushed to leave with crestfallen looks, not to mention to persuade Ling Tianyi to invest in You Feng Real Estate Group. They were afraid to irritate Mr. Ling, the frosty president of Huasheng Group, and have their company gobbled up by him.

“Why would you forgive them?” Ling Tianyi put Xia Xiaoluo in his arms tightly.

“They had apologized.” Xia Xiaoluo said with a timid look, but that made Ling Tianyi frown. He spoke to himself that the world would be totally different if any apology would gain forgiveness.”

The little girl was so kind that she was too easily persuaded, which there would be more chances to get hurt by others.

If he made an apology to her, would she forgive him for what he had done to her? But this thought flashed past, for he, the president of Huasheng Group, was extremely wealthy. How could he apologize to a little girl? He must think too much.

“What is your iron box for? I found that you seem to be particularly nervous about it. Didn’t you want to take it with you last night?” said Ling Tianyi, pointing to the poor iron box that was put on the coffee table by Xia Xiaoluo.

“That is my mother’s belongings, which was given to me by Auntie Xiao Lan. It is very important.” Xia Xiaoluo’s eyes were ringed with sadness at the thought of her mother passing away after giving birth to her.

Ling Tianyi regretted his rude action last night at Xia Xiaoluo’s room rented by herself. Had he not left right away and gone back to his company to deal with that tough case, Xia Xiaoluo would not have fallen into Xia Jingru’s hands.

Yesterday, Chu Wei told Ling Tianyi that there was something wrong on the big case done before. Therefore, he hurried back to his company. However, who would know Xia Xiaoluo could have an accident if Shen Jiani had not phoned him? He was then dying to fly to find Xia Xiaoluo at Orvis Bar.

Fortunately, Chu Wei is a powerful assistant, who was basically able to manage the case when he was back to his company this morning. He then called the cooperative partner and finally felt assured after making a further confirmation.

As a workaholic, Ling Tianyi felt so astonished that he should make an exception for this little girl.

Ling Tianyi was lost in thought. Xia Xiaoluo could not guess out what was in his mind, so she took out her mobile phone, saying, “My mobile phone has been found, so I could install my new sim card.”

Ling Tianyi found Xia Xiaoluo’s out-fashioned mobile phone, which looked like a brick. He could not help frowning again, “Babe, do you think your phone still work?

“Yes, of course! And it works quite well. You can make calls, send text messages, and you can also log in QQ.” Xia Xiaoluo grinned. It would easily make her happy if she could keep in touch with Dou Ya though QQ.

“But you are my fiancée! Using such an outdated mobile phone, you will make me lose face. OK, iPhone, Samsung, or the traditional Nokia? Make a choice,” said Ling Tianyi, opening his laptop and searching a smartphone for Xia Xiaoluo in the online shop.

“Do as you like.” After saying that, Xia Xiaoluo felt it a little bit improper. Then she changed, “Emmm...er... You have good taste. Then how about helping me with it?”

Ling Tianyi enjoyed the obedience rendered by the little girl. Immediately, he chose a silver iPhone 5S and placed the order smoothly.

“I paid the premium processing fee. Then you can get it within two hours.” Ling Tian shut down the computer and had another look at the old but brick-like Nokia mobile phone. “Throw it into the dustbin then.”


Soon it came to the day of departure. Xia Xiaoluo had never been to the airport. She not only expected the trip very much but was a little anxious as well. What if there would be a plane crash? How could she do?

At the international airport of City A, the security check was conducted in progress...

“Sorry, Miss, we suspect that there are prohibited items in your baggage. Please follow us for a further security check there. Thank you!” smiled a young lady taking in charge of security check. Then there were two staff members who tended to take Xia Xiaoluo away.

“Wait a minute, why are you taking her?” asked Ling Tianyi, standing next to Xia Xiaoluo. He stepped forward to obstruct Xia Xiaoluo, who held Ling Tianyi’s arms tightly.

Ling Tianyi put great pressure on them with icy stares at them.

“I am very sorry, Sir, your partner is suspected of carrying prohibited items. We need to do further checks.” Although the Security Check staff had known that Ling Tianyi is a VIP in City A, she still refused to let her pass.

“What do you take with?” Ling Tianyi whispered in Xia Xiaoluo’s ear.

“I swear, there are absolutely no prohibited items.” Xia Xiaoluo said with timidity, but her tone seemed not to tell a lie.

But Ling Tianyi knew her quite well. The little cretin was so stupid that she might have no idea of what profited items she had taken with her, though she possible had not known what those items are.


“I walk you there,” said Ling Tianyi. He knew that the security check in the airport was very serious. Considering being responsible both to others and himself, he could do nothing but agree to have Xia Xiaoluo’s suitcase checked.

“There are two bottles of mineral water, both 500 ml, and a fruit knife.” The security personnel took these out of Xia Xiaoluo’s suitcase.

Ling Tianyi showed a cold and gloomy look on his face and became speechless as if a row of crows flying over his head. He had never been blocked by any security check staff even though he had taken flight so frequently. But this time he had lost his face so much. In front of the staff as well as the public, Ling Tianyi could do nothing but control his temper.

The only thing he felt so fortunate was that he had asked his parents and Luna, who were coming to see them off, to leave. Otherwise, he would have lost his face even much more.

“Miss, these are all prohibited items and you are not permitted to take them on the plane,” said the security check staff.

“How can mineral water and a fruit knife be prohibited items? If they are not permitted to the plane, what should I do if I am thirsty? Besides, as I have not washed the apples, how could I peel them without a knife?” Xia Xiaoluo felt depressed, for Ling Tianyi had urged her not to bring any prohibited items. But to her understanding, only those firearms and ammunition are prohibited.

“I am very sorry, Miss, these are really not permitted to take with on the plane. However, Miss, please rest assured that you will be readily served if you are thirsty or hungry during the flight. Our stewards will bring food and drinks for you.”

“Really? And free of charge? Don’t I have to pay for that?” asked Xia Xiaoluo with her eyes popped with a mixture of shock and happiness, as if the pie in the sky unexpectedly fell right in her hands.

“You stupid! Go, we have no time.” Ling Tianyi could not bear this bumpkin anymore, dragging her right away. Having such a fiancée, stupid and ignorant, he was totally speechless. How could he select her before?

It’s a shame! It’s really too shameful! He had never lost his face to such extent for his whole life.

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