100% Love from the Boss

Chapter18 Master President’s Minds
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Chapter18 Master President’s Minds

Ling Tianyi began to be responsible for the affairs of Huasheng Group since he was 18 years old. His father’s health condition was not very good these years. All the businesses in the company were mostly relied on him. He spent countless efforts for the company.

In fact, Ling Tianyi loved his only younger sister very much. He could give all his money to his sister unconditionally, but he cannot hand over the decision-making power of Huasheng Group to anyone.

However, although he now was in charge of Huasheng, the shares was in his father’s hands.

Therefore, this warning was very serious.

“Dad, Mum, trust me. I’ll handle my own business well.” Atter saying that, Ling Tianyi left his home. Driving fast, he was thinking about the girl who drove him crazy.

When Ling Tianyi arrived at Hously Hotel, it was only eight o’clock. Su Peng, the general manager of the hotel, arranged a 22-story presidential suite for him yesterday. The facilities there were luxurious.

Xia Xiaoluo made a mess in the apartment where Ling Tianyi lived alone before,. There was no way for anyone living there. He booked here yesterday, but he didn’t check in, for he accompanied Xia Xiaoluo in the hospital for the whole night.

Ling Tianyi walked around in the suite with a manner as a leader first. Then he said to Su Peng, “Good, the room is worth its name as a presidential suite, and is worth the price of 88,000 RMB per night.”

With a big smile, Su Peng began to introduce the facilities in the suite, but Ling Tianyi was in bad mood to listen to him. He got to the point, “Since this is a hotel, you should be service-oriented, especially the Department of VIP Guest Room. Who did you arrange to service on this floor?”

“President Ling, we just recruited some new attendants this afternoon, and we are training them now. We’ll select the best ones to work for the Department of VIP Guest Room.” Su Peng explained carefully, fearing that his Master President would blame him for the slow progress of recruitment.

“Who did you recruit? Do you have any information?” Ling Tianyi asked indifferently.

“Yes, do you want to take a look?” Su Peng muttered in his mind, President Ling was too busy to care about the recruitment of senior managers, why he was so interested in waiters?

Noticing Ling Tianyi said nothing, Su Peng took out his walkie-talkie immediately, “Wu, bring all the employee registers of attendants to Room 2208 at the 22nd floorat once.”

After the staff took those registers there, Ling Tianyi soon found the information of Xia Xiaoluo. With a slight smile, he pointed her name to Su Peng, “Arrange her to work in the Department of VIP Guest Room.”

“President Ling, tonight is the first training, and there’re more etiquettes for them to learn. I’m afraid that...” Su Peng was in a dilemma. He was afraid that the new employee would make any mistakes, but seeing Ling’s cold eyes, he changed his mind at once. “I will let Xia Xiaoluo come to Room 2208 for her practice immediately.”

“Nice! You can go.” Sitting down in a luxury leather couch, he was waiting for her coming. Thinking about her sweetness and stubbornness, his face put on a slight smile, and all the troubles happened just now were quickly put behind.

Su Peng contacted the trainer andimplemented the mission appointed by his Master President. Wipping the sweat on his forehead he thoughta; maybe the president wanted to sleep with that little waiter by using castling couch.

However, that was none of his business. Anyway, the girl was not his daughter. He could just pretend that there’s nothing happened.. Moreover, as a chit, it was her luck to be pampered by the Master President.

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