100% Love from the Boss

Chapter 16 She can no longer Escape
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Chapter 16 She can no longer Escape

“No bullshit. Get to the point, or I’ll withdraw my promise for giving you my ‘Lightning’.” Ling Tianyi had no time to waste. He knew that Yao was a “bad friend”; if his attitude was not tough, Yao would speak nonsense forever like Monk Tang in the film The Chinese Odyssey.

Yao Sheng had long loved that BMW and immediately cut into the point, “Xia Xiaoluo has been hired as a waiter today in Hously Hotel which is under your Huasheng Group. Just now, she and her friend were having spicy hot pot in the roadside food stand next to the hotel.t Then they went back. From 6 to 9 of tonight is the training time for new employees. I took some photos and sent them to you. You can check it out on your mailbox. Of course I would never make mistakes because I am the prototype of Holmes.”

Ling Tianyi listened to the phone while parking on the side of the road. He then turned on the on-board computer and checked the photos, on which Xia Xiaoluo was eating spicy hot pot with a hot face, “Yes, it’s her. Your efficiency is not so low. I’ve got something to do now. Bye.”

“Err, don’t hang up. My ‘Lightning’...” Yao Sheng asked eagerly.

“It’s yours.” Ling Tianyi answered impatiently.

“Thank you, Master Ling, A big kiss for your gift.” Yao Sheng began to talk nonsense, so Ling Tianyi directly hung it up.

“Petite chit, I’ll let you know the cost of disobedience.” Ling Tianyi started the car. He had to solve the problem at home as soon as possible, and then rushed back to Hously Hotel before nine o’clock.

He was very annoyed. He sat in the office on the 29th floor for a whole afternoon, but he didn’t expect the little girl to attend the interview on the second floor. If he had known that, he would have caught her at the afternoon. Then she could not have escaped.

When he back home, Shen Jiani and her father have already arrived. He Meishu gave Ling Tianyi a scolding and blamed him for coming back late. Ling Desheng waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, let’s begin. Don’t keep Shen and his baby daughter waiting.”

He Meishu asked the kitchen to hurry up. Ling Desheng welcomed his old friends to the dining room. Shen Jiani followed behind them, giving Ling Tianyi a glance. She was still mad at that he threw her out of the door like garbage that day.

On the table, all can be heard were polite words and flattery. After these, Ling Desheng got to the point, “My bro, you know, your daughter and my son are a perfect match, so are both our families. As they are no longer young. Tianyi is 27, and Jiani is about to be 25. I think we’d better decide their marriage this time.”

“Yes, that’s what I’m thinking about. To tell you the truth, the real purpose I come to City A this time is not to inspect the branch office, but talk about our children’s marriage with you, my bro. If we can reach an agreement on their marriage, our companies will have closer cooperation.” Shen Ruikang was a straightforward person. Seeing Ling Desheng raised this issue directly, he stopped putting on airs.

Seeing Shen Ruikang’s positive attitude, He Meishu felt very happy and said, “If this is the case, in my opinion, we should schedule their engagement on Chinese Valentine’s Day since the festival is coming. And on February 14 next year, the Western Valentine’s Day, we’ll together hold a grand wedding for them.”

“That’s a good idea! I never thought that the mother of my son-in-law to-be paid much attention to this issue.” Shen Ruikang smiled.

“My pleasure. In a word, we’ll arrange this with all our heart. Jiani will be very happy.” He Meishu talked with a smile, and turned to Ling Tianyi with a stony face, “My boy, you must be nice to Jiani, understand?”

“Mum, this is my marriage. How could you decide it randomly in a chat?” Ling Tianyi finally started to speak.

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